Sewing Classes In Bridport

Do you want to learn to sew? Join of one (or all!) our sewing skills classes in sunny Dorset!

Get sew-confident! Join our friendly sewing workshops and really get to know your sewing machine and polish up key sewing skills. Small group dressmaking classes on a Thursday evening with our Saville Row-trained seamstress Lynne. These workshops book up fast, but don’t worry – we’re adding more dates all the time. Our sewing courses will be running throughout the year from September 2023.

Looking for sociable sewing workshops? Join us in our fabulous fabric shop in Bridport and learn key skills to make your sewing shine!

Our evening sewing workshops are fun, sociable and a great way to improve your sewing skills. Choose from our range of regular dressmaking workshops in Bridport and get ready for better results with your dressmaking and furnishing projects!

All about our courses

Our Bridport sewing classes are designed to focus on dressmaking skills we often struggle with. Getting the details right on your sewing projects will make you a more confident dressmaker and means you’ll end up with a garment you’re happy to wear, in a fabric you love. All evening workshops last 2 hours and cost £35.00 each. You can just dip in to a single workshop, or book a series and really up your sewing game!

Get to know your sewing machine

sewing workshops in Bridport, Dorset. dressmaking workshop classes

Learn essential skills and tips and start sewing with confidence! You’ll learn on your own machine, so that you can use everything you’ve learned when you’re sewing at home. 2 hr workshop, £35.00.

  • Choosing the right needle
  • Setting needle position
  • getting the tension right
  • Using different feet

All about zips

Learn to put in standard zips and invisible zips. Confidently fit zips to dressmaking and furnishing projects and get a great finish too. 2 hr workshop, £35.00.

  • Choosing the right zip
  • How to sew in a standard zip
  • How to sew an invisible zip
  • Using continuous zipping
  • Trouser zips

Buttons, buttonholes and loops

sewing workshops in Bridport, Dorset. Dressmaking workshop classes, evening sewing classes

Learn all about button fastenings. You’ll look at sewing buttons and making button holes, and also cover rouleau loops too. 2 hr workshop, £35.00.

  • Different button fastening options
  • How to sew buttons on properly
  • How to make a buttonhole
  • Working with rouleau loops

All kinds of pockets

Learn all about pockets and how to fit them into garments. How to sew patch pockets, inset pockets, and seam pockets and get a great finish. 2 hr workshop, £35.00.

  • Different types of pockets
  • How to position and fit pockets
  • How to sew pockets in a garment

All kinds of seams

Learn to sew neat and tidy seams! Learn all about different types of seams for different garments, how to sew them and get a great finish too. 2 hr workshop, £35.00.

  • Different types of seams
  • How to sew flat seams
  • How to sew curved seams
  • How to sew French seams

All kinds of sleeves

Learn all about different types of sleeves and how to sew perfect sleeves into your garment. Learn tailor’s tricks to get a great finish. 2 hr workshop, £35.00.

  • All about different types of sleeves
  • How to sew standard set-in sleeves
  • How to sew raglan sleeves
  • How to sew gathered sleeves

What you’ll learn at a Livingstones sewing workshop

Do you want to join our sewing classes in Bridport? Our fabulous fabric shop, which is based in the vibrant Vintage Quarter is a stitcher’s paradise, full of fabrics for dressmaking, furnishings and crafts, as well as all kinds of bits and pieces and frequently described by our customers as an Aladdin’s cave. We designed our evening sewing workshops after listening to our lovely customers to find out what you want to learn and when you want to learn it. All courses run in the dressmaking room after the shop has closed, and of course there’s time before the course to have a browse!

What to bring to your workshop

You’ll need to bring your own sewing machine to the workshop! We decided to do this because it means you’ll learn to sew on the machine you’ll be using at home, so you’ll be totally confident that you (and your machine) can use your new skills for your next project.

You’ll also need a basic sewing kit, which you’ll also need to do your best sewing at home! Bring what you use at home, and remember we stock a huge range of sewing tools, both in our shop in Bridport and online.

You’ll need the following:

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