Quick Unpick Tool

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Probably the most useful thing to have in your sewing kit, and essential for every new (and experienced!) dressmaker or stitcher. This is a large quick unpick, or seam ripper – add one to your basket right now!

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Quick Unpick

Probably the most useful tool in your sewing kit, this quick unpick tool is also known as a seam ripper or unpicker. It has a plastic handle and a cover to stop you accidentally stabbing yourself.

What is a quick unpick seam ripper?

A seam ripper is arguably the most useful little tool in your sewing box! You will always need at least one, so make sure you've got one to hand before you start sewing. We find ourselves reaching for the quick unpick during all sorts of sewing project.

How to use a quick unpick

Seam rippers like this speedy unpicking tool have a metal tip with a blade between two points. One of the points has a metal blade on the end - but why? Seam rippers can be used in a couple of different ways. To unpick a few stitches, including that tricky first one, you slip the sharp end under the stitch and cut it with the blade. Once you've got this far, if you need to unpick more stitches to open a seam there's a slightly different technique. We found this cute  quick unpick tutorial which explains it really well. Unpickers are great for all kinds of projects. We'd use a seam ripper like this one for jobs like:
  • Unpicking stitches that have gone wrong
  • Getting rid of tacking stitches
  • Opening buttonholes
  • Opening seams for repairs and alterations
  • Removing sleeves, pockets and patches
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