Foam cutting room at livingstone texiles where we cut foam to size with large cutting table and store foam sheet

Because we stock full sheets in a range of sizes and densities, we can cut foam for any use you can think of – from upholstery to pet beds to camper vans to classic cars and more! We’ll cut your foam accurately in our shop into any straight or curved shape, so if you need a weird and wonderful piece of foam, just bring us a template and we can help.

In the foam room of our Bridport shop we stock a huge range of foam in sheets from 0.25 inches up to 5 inches deep and in a choice of different densities. Further options are also available to order from our supplier if what we have isn’t quite what you need, including variable depths such as wedges. We can cut to your measurements or to your template, and can also bond foam if needed to create a custom result. We can wrap your foam cushions with wadding, stockinette or both if required, to create a softer silhouette that’s also much easier to slip into a cover.  

Our foam cutting service is based at our Bridport shop, but you can also order from our Yeovil shop; we’ll cut it in Bridport and deliver to Yeovil for you to collect. Please note in Bridport we cannot guarantee that we can cut the foam while you wait, especially if we are very busy, or it is a more complex shape or needs wrapping, so if possible, please phone ahead to check availability or be prepared to leave your order with us.

What do you need to bring in?

We will need either measurements, a template, or an existing cushion and cover to cut from. Foam is priced by volume so it is important to have accurate details.


If the foam you need is a regular shape, like a square or a rectangle, your measurements will be fine. Please check carefully that the shape is as regular as it looks. It is a good idea to measure at least 3 points across the shape (each end and the centre) to ensure it is the same all the way along.


For any special or irregular shape, for example a cushion to fit a window seat or a custom cushion, a template will be better. You can cut a template from an old cardboard box, from lining paper or from newspaper. Please measure as accurately as you can and check your template fits really well so that we can get the best result for you.


For new cushions to replace your existing ones, please bring in the complete cushion and cover if possible; foam can be a tight fit, so we can help you by refilling your cushions with the new foam, if required. We can also replace feather or hollow fibre cushions with foam. This will give a firmer result but gives your seats a longer life. We are also able to obtain replacement feather or hollow fibre cushions if this is what you prefer, and will quote for this on request.

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