As King Cole yarn stockists we sell yarn too! We have a good range of King Cole yarn, patterns and knitting tools in our shop, so if you live near Bridport or if you’re visiting Dorset for your holiday – pop in for a browse.

Love to knit or crochet? We do too! We stock a great range of King Cole yarns, so call in and browse – we’d love to see you!

The Livingstone Textiles Team

Time for another Yarn?

Knitting is having a bit of a moment, and we love it! Whether you knit to relax, to create a unique item, to make a gift, or even all three at once, our King Cole yarns give you the materials and the inspiration to create something wonderful.

If you need inspiration, we have a huge range of King Cole patterns for every level of experience. We also stock fab pattern books that we think you’ll want to take home. Most of our staff are experienced in knitting or crochet, and will usually b e on hand to advise.

Knitting is the answer…

and we don’t care what the question was! What do you have on your needles right now?

If you’re making something wonderful with our King Cole yarn (of course you are!) please tag us on Instagram @livingstonetextilesbridport.

What kind of yarn are you looking for?

We love King Cole for all our knitting and crochet as well as crafts like pompom making! The King Cole range of yarn is very affordable and lovely to work with. We stock yarn for all types of projects:

  • DK yarns from affordable acylic yarns to gorgeous merino blend wool
  • 4-ply sock yarn in funky stripes and sensible plains
  • Gorgeously soft and washable baby yarns
  • Soft and wearable chunky and super chunky yarns
  • Aran in lighter (worsted) weight and standard.
  • Natural Cottonsoft and bamboo yarns
  • !00% recycled yarns

Different types of knitting yarn

We stock yarns for every project, from 4 ply to super chunky in affordable acrylics, wool and wool blends. We’re also stock yarns made from recycled materials in various weights, which supports our sustainability ethos.

If you’d like to know more about the different types of yarn, read on to learn about the yarns we stock, and take a look at a useful guide here. We’re adding to our range all the time, but here’s a taster of some of our most popular yarns to whet your appetite!

What is double knitting yarn?

Double knitting or DK or light worsted yarn

Dk yarn is so named because it is double the thickness of 4-ply or sock yarn. It’s also called light worsted, and on an American knitting pattern Dk yarn will be called ‘light’ or size 3. Double knitting yarn is generally knitted on 3.75-4.5mm needles.

We stock a range of DK yarns from the Pricewise to premium. One of our absolute favourites at the moment is this lovely DK yarn called Homespun; a gorgeously soft with a mix of merino and alpaca.

Baby Knitting yarn

What is baby yarn?

If you’re knitting for little ones, you need a yarn that is supersoft, hypoallergenic and, of course, washable! Cherish DK is soft to touch and comes in plains and self-patterns. We love that Cherish is in bright colours as well as the more traditional pastels. We also stock Little Treasures baby yarn.

All our baby yarns are 100% baby safe acrylic low-pill yarn. It’s safe to machine wash and tumble dry, so you can be sure your finished piece is practical as well as beautiful.

What is Sock Yarn?

sock yarn, knit your own socks, king cole zigzag

Sock, lightweight 4 ply or fingering yarn

Socks are generally knitted with a lightweight 4 ply yarn. Sock yarn is a mix of wool, with nylon added to make the socks more hardwearing. On patterns from outside the UK 4 ply might be called laceweight or fingering weight.

This lovely 4-ply sock yarn called Zigzag, which will self-stripe beautifully, creating unique sock art for your feet!

We’ve patterns to guide you, or look for help online – we particularly love this video tutorial on the method for knitting two socks at a time using circular needles!

What is Aran Yarn?

Aran or worsted yarn

Aran weight knitting yarn falls in between Dk and chunky. It is a medium weight or 10-ply yarn, more or less equivalent to a worsted.

If you’ve got an American pattern that uses worsted yarn, try a lighter weight aran. We recommend the gorgeously textured Forest Aran yarn. This lighter Aran comes in a range of soft, subtle, modern colours. We love that it’s a wool mix yarn that’s been made from 100% recycled materials.

We also stock the traditional King Cole Fashion Aran. This yarn comes in a lovely range of useful colours, both plain and with a pleasing fleck.

What is Chunky Yarn?

Chunky, bulky or craft weight yarn

Chunky yarn is also called bulky, heavy worsted or craft weight yarn. Usually a 12 ply yarn, it can be heavier so it’s important to check the pattern and knit a test piece before you start!

This King Cole Wildwood chunky is soft-feel and comes in gorgeous colours. We love that is is made from 100% recycled wool.

You’ll also find Safari, Timeless, Tinsel and Nordic Chunky yarns on our shelves.

What is Super chunky Yarn?

Super chunky or super bulky yarn

Super chunky knitting yarn is the fattest wool we do! This is a big, generous 14 ply yarn which if you’re using an American pattern is equivalent to Super bulky. This big boy is perfect for projects like hats, jumpers, cardigans and coats, and works really well for furnishing projects like blankets, rugs and cushions. Because we can be impatient knitters we love that it’s so speedy to knit up too!

You’ll find gorgeous super chunky yarns like Stormy and Explorer, as well as the useful Big Value Super Chunky!

ready to get knitting?

If you’re ready to get knitting, pop into our fantastic fabric store in Bridport and browse! You’ll find our whole range of yarn and books full of King Cole patterns as well as all the tools you might need to knit or crochet. We also stock a massive selection of craft books, including lots of books full of brilliant knitting and crochet ideas and patterns. If you’d like to check if we have what you’re looking for, please give us a call or an email. If you’d like to visit our shop, click on the map link below:

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