Curtain poles and tracks

Curtains poles and tracks are an important design feature in your room, and the correct choice can set off your curtains to perfection.

We stock a range of curtain pole and curtain track options to suit every style of window, with even more options available to order.

We stock both wooden and metal curtain pole ranges, with a wide range of finishes and finials on offer. Our curtain tracks can be shaped to fit your windows, exactly as you want them. As you’ll have a lot to think about, we’re on hand to help you choose the right pole or track for you and your curtains. Please note: If you’re planning to have your curtains made to measure, it’s important that the pole or track if fitted before you order so that your curtains will fit beautifully. Our curtain making information page has lots of useful tips, including how to measure for curtains before you buy.

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Things to consider when you’re deciding between a curtain pole or a track:

  • Do you have a preference?
  • What type of curtain header do you have?
  • How heavy are your curtains?
  • What do your windows look like?
  • What will you fix to?

Read on to find out more!

Do you want a pole or a track?

Choosing whether you would like a curtain pole or a track at your window will partly be a matter of personal taste and a question of what looks right in your room, but sometimes the shape of your room or the layout of your windows will be a deciding factor.

metal and plastic curtain tracks

Curtain tracks are generally less visible, although different options for styling are available; curtain poles, on the other hand, can be used to make a real statement in your room and enhance and complement your choice of curtains.

Wooden and metal curtain poles

We supply curtain poles in metal, natural wood and painted wood options. Our curtain poles range from a wooden pole in subtle neutrals to dramatic metal poles with statement finials to suit the most stylish of homes. Curtain tracks can be simple, or with pull cords for ease of use. When you’re making your choice, here are some things you need to consider:

What type of heading?

What type of heading do you have on your curtain? The style of curtain you are going to put up will probably have an impact on whether you need a pole or track. Eyelet curtains, for example, will need a pole without rings.

How heavy are your curtains?

How large are your curtains going to be, and how heavy are the fabrics? Very large curtains or curtains with interlining or blackout lining can be very heavy; in order to be able to draw your curtains with ease you will need to have a pole or a track that can take the weight. Equally, for very small curtains, a large pole can look out of place on a little window.

What kind of window?

If you have bay windows and want your curtains to follow the shape of your window, you may want to choose a curtain poles or tracks that can be bent or joined. This type of pole or track can be shaped to fit neatly around the angles of the bay. We can provide a solution that will fit exactly and work beautifully.

What will you fix to?

What surfaces are available to fix onto? Will your poles or tracks need to be ceiling mounted, fit into an alcove, or be fixed onto the wall above the window? Most poles and tracks are available with a range of fixings to cater for different fixing points, but this is something to look out for when deciding. You’ll also need to consider how much clearance there is around your window, and whether your choice will fit.

curtain poles and tracks, wooden curtain poles, painted curtain poles curtain poles cut to size
Curtain poles to order in painted wood finish

Our curtain poles and tracks

We have curtain poles and tracks in store, which can all be cut to size. We also have a much wider range of exciting options available to order, with next-day delivery.

You don’t have to worry about choosing the right option – we have samples in store with the range of paint finishes and pole colours available which you can borrow. Take a sample (or two!) home so that you can be completely sure the pole you’re ordering is the right one for your curtains.

Our curtain poles and tracks

Metal Curtain Poles

We stock metal poles in three different metals with a diameter of 29mm each comes with a choice of styled fittings to achieve the finished look that suits your home. And we keep most of these poles and fitting sin stock. We also have some stunning metal curtain poles to order, in a range of diameters to fit your windows, whether you have a dinky cottage or something much more grand. Samples are available to borrow.

Wooden Curtain Poles

We have a great choice of curtain poles in wood to choose from with diameters of 28mm, 35mm and 50mm. These can all come with finishes in natural wood and stained wood as well as gorgeous painted poles in heritage paint colours. These are available in various lengths, all with next-day delivery, and with samples available for you to borrow.

Metal Tracks

Metal tracks are less bulky and sit closer to the wall than a pole, so are a great choice if you want a more discreet look for your curtain fixings or are trying to block out the light, as the curtains will fit more closely to the window. Our metal tracks are available in a choice of colours in store. We also have a more specialist range available for next day delivery, including specialist shaped track, corded tracks, longer lengths and even more colours.

Plastic Tracks

These can be bent to fit around bays and cut easily at home. Plastic curtain track is a great choice for those who want something easy to put up and straightforward to use, and are perfect for more lightweight curtains. We only stock these in white but they are a great choice if you want a simple track.

Fitting and cutting your pole or track:

We can cut all of our curtain poles or tracks to size onsite in our Bridport shop, making it easy for you to take it home and fit. Remember, our cutting can only be as accurate as your measurements! If you are not confident about measuring up or about fitting your pole or track then we can arrange for our experienced fitter to come and visit your home and do this for you for a small charge. Please get in touch to speak to one of our staff, who can give you more details.

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