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How to Measure for Net Curtains

how to measure for net curtains, how to work out how net curtain measurements including how to measure your window for nets

Net curtains are decorative sheer curtains that can screen us from the public gaze, obscure an unwanted view, or filter the daylight coming into a room to soften the light and protect soft furnishings. Getting the measurements right means your nets look their best. Find out how to measure windows for net curtains here.

What size nets do I need?

All of our net curtains are ready-to-hang, with a sewn channel at the top to take a wire or rod. Do you want to know what size nets to buy? Read on to find out how to measure your windows for net curtains and be sure you have the right measurements for your lovely new nets. We’ll tell you how to measure your windows for nets – you simply need to take two measurements before you buy!

How to measure the drop for standard nets

Standard net curtains usually go from the top of the window to the sill. If you already have a curtain wire or rod, measure the drop from here to the sill. Otherwise measure from the top of the frame, inside the window reveal.

How to measure the drop for cafe nets

Cafe nets are designed to cover just the lower part of the window. They give you some privacy, but still let in plenty of light. Measure the drop of cafe nets from the height of the pole or wire to the sill.

Our range of net curtains come in a choice of drops; This is how long the curtain is from top to bottom. Once you have taken your measurements simply choose the design you want and select the drop that will best fit your window. This may be slightly less or more than your measurement but can still work for your window.

How many metres do I need?

Now you know which drop to choose, work out the width to find out how many metres to buy! To find out how many metres you need for your new net curtains, first measure the width of the existing wire or rod, or the frame if none is currently fitted, then decide how gathered you want your nets to be.

How much gather or fullness?

Gather or fullness means how much fabric is in your net curtains. The most usual choice is double fullness, which is your width measurement x 2, but for additional privacy go for width x 2.5 or even x 3 for extra fullness. Multiply your width measurement by the fullness you’ve chosen to get the metres of net curtain fabric you need to buy.

An example calculation for net curtains

Here’s an example of how we work out your net curtain measurements in the shop:

Window drop 142cm, and width 183cm

We would recommend choosing the 140cm drop.

Window width 183 cm x 2 (double fullness) = 366cm.

You need 3.66m of net curtain at 140cm drop. We’d round this up to 3.7m of net curtain fabric.

How to choose net curtains

Now you have all your measurements worked out, take a look at our range of net curtains to choose what you’d like at your window. Most of our nets come in several standard drops:

Cafe nets

  • 30cm / 12″
  • 40cm / 16″
  • 45cm / 18″
  • 60cm / 24″

Standard nets

  • 90cm / 36″
  • 101cm / 40″
  • 106cm / 42″
  • 114cm / 45″
  • 137cm / 54″
  • 153cm / 60″
  • 160cm / 63″
  • 183cm / 72″
  • 206cm / 81″
  • 229cm / 90″
  • 275cm / 108″

Ready to hang net curtains

Most net curtains do not fray, so you can leave the cut edges. If you prefer a hemmed edge, you can do this yourself or our seamstresses can hem them for you. Browse the full range below and on our webshop.

If a standard drop is not quite right for your window, you can shorten the curtain net by turning over a new top hem, or our experienced makers can shorten the next longest drop to your measurement; contact us for details.

Wire or poles

We sell plastic-coated net curtain wire by the metre, as well as all the fixings. For each window you will need slightly less than the width of the window to allow for the eyes(loops) on the end of the wire and so the wire is slightly stretched. We would usually take about 2″/5cm from the width measured to allow for this, but you can cut the wire yourself at home with a pair of pliers to get the correct tension for your window. Alternatively we also sell net curtain rods; these fit into the window recess. They are extendable, and come in standard sizes to fit a range of window sizes.

Do you need more curtain making information?

For lots more information about curtains and net curtains, including how to measure, how to choose a fabric, making your own curtains, ordering made to measure curtains, and how to hang your finished curtains, take a look at our curtain making information knowledge bank here.

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