Buxton Net Curtain 36″ 91cm

£ 1.70  per metre


This curtain is discontinued – we’ll fulfill orders while stock is available. NB 45″ now out of stock. Lovely spiral ammonite fossils design. Choose your drop then order the number of metres width required. See our guide to measuring for net curtains for help in calculating requirements.

Drop: 91cm/36"

3 Meter in stock

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100% Polyester

Buxton Net Curtain

ON SALE! Note: Unfortunately, this design is being discontinued, but we will try to fulfil any orders received before our stock runs out.  This Buxton net curtain is a fun design of spirals which is very popular in our area as it reminds us of the local ammonite fossils. As with all our standard net curtains, Buxton is finished with a channel at the top for the wire or rod to pass through. There is a scalloped bottom edge on the curtain which features the spiral design. Buy net curtains in fixed drops which can be chosen to suit the size of your window. If the drop you need is not available, cut down a longer drop and sew a new top channel. You can do this yourself at home or our seamstresses can complete for you. See our full range of net curtains.

Buxton nets - good to know

  • Seasoide reminiscent design net curtain
  • Good for screening views
  • Good for overlooked windows
  • Cut from the roll, not torn
  • Ready to hang

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Net curtains are finished at the top and bottom of the curtain and sold by the width required for your window. This usually means you need 1.5 - 2 times the width of the window to create a gathered finish. Net curtains will not be finished on the side edges (a cut edge will be left), please enquire for a price if you would like this done for you.

Need help calculating the amount of fabric for your net curtains? Check out our helpful guide here.

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