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Make A Fabric Christmas Tree

Make Christmas Trees, christmas craft trees, Fabric Christmas Tree to make
Fabric Christmas Tree, How to, Quilting

Time needed: 1 hour

Learn how to make a fabric Christmas tree, a lovely festive decoration that can be brought out year after year.

You will need:
• Scissors
• Poly stuffing
Needle and thread for hand sewing
Tree Template

  1. Cutting out your tree.
    To make a fabric Christmas tree start by downloading your template above, print on either A4 or A3 size paper

    Fold your fabric in half and place the pattern on the fold and mark around it.

    Tree Template, Christmas Tree to make

    Cut out your tree and repeat 5 times to make a total of 6 tree pieces.

    Fabric Christmas Tree, 3d Tree, Christmas Gift

    You can mix and match different fabrics.

    Patchwork Christmas Tree, Cut 6 to make

  2. Making Your Tree

    Place two pieces right sides together and stich around the edge.

    Festive Christmas Tree to make, Patchwork Tree

    Leaving a few inches open along the bottom edge. 

    Make a fabric Xmas Tree, Christmas decoration

  3. Putting together

    Clip all the corners and curves so they will turn out nicely.

    Christmas Tree To Make, Fabric Christmas Tree

    Turn the tree right side out and repeat with the other 5 trees.

    Fabric Christmas Tree To Make

  4. Assembling your Christmas tree

    Press your trees and the seam allowance at the opening so it will be easier to close at the end.

    Finishing your Fabric Christmas Tree

    Place all three trees together and sew down the middle, making sure to backstitch at the beginning and the end.

    Fabric Christmas Tree To Make

  5. Finishing your tree

    Stuff your tree using a blunt ended tool to make sure the stuffing goes right to the ends of the tree.

    How to stuff your xmas Tree, Make a pillow Christmas Tree

    When you have finished stuffing all the parts of the tree, hand sew the openings closed.

  6. Embellish

    You have now made a fabulous Fabric Christmas Tree. Well done!
    Now you can embellish the ends of the branches with small baubles or bells if you wish.

    Make Christmas Trees, christmas craft trees, Fabric Christmas Tree to make

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