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How to measure for a roller blind

A tape measure on a wooden table. How to measure a window for a roller blind, how to measure a window alcove for a roller blind

measuring up for a roller blind kit

Do you want to make a custom roller blind? Our roller blind kits contain everything you need to complete your own bespoke roller blind, including the backing. Here’s how to measure up your window to make your own blind.

All our furnishing fabrics are wide enough to make a blind up to 135cm, so just choose the length. The iron-on backing supplied with the kit is enough for blinds with a drop of up to 178cm (70″). To choose a fabric just use the filter on our online fabric shop to find a suitable fabric.

So how do you measure for a roller blind?

Bespoke roller blinds add a stylish finish to any room. Making your own roller blinds at home means you can choose exactly the fabric you want to complement your furnishings. If you’re making a roller blind using one of our kits it’s important to measure your windows correctly before you buy! Read on to find out exactly how we measure a window for a blind.

Tape measure ready? Here’s what to do:

Time needed: 20 minutes

Here’s how we recommend you measure a window for a roller blind. Read on to find out exactly what to do, write down your measurements as you go, and remember – measure twice, cut once!

  1. Where are you going to hang your blind?

    First, decide if the blind is going to hang across the window or within the recess. Consider how much space you have around your window, and where you could attach the blind. If the wall is difficult to drill into, you might need to attach a wooden batten first and attach the blind to that.

  2. What you need & what to do

    We recommend using a metal rule or a new fabric tape measure to ensure your measurements are accurate. Measure the width across the whole area you want the blind to cover, and then the drop. Make sure you measure in either centimetres or inches, don’t mix!

  3. Measuring a recess for a roller blind

    Width: If measuring inside the window recess for a roller blind, measure this where the blind will hang, remembering to leave clearance for any window catches or handles. To measure accurately, measure across the width of the window at the top, the middle and the bottom, then use the smallest of these three numbers as your final figure. This is especially important in an older property as the walls are often not as straight as they seem.
    Drop: Measure from the top of the roller blind down to where you want it to end – either on the windowsill, or just above. Measure both sides of the window to check your measurements.

  4. Measuring outside a recess for a blind

    Width: When hanging a roller blind outside the window recess think about where you’ll position the blind; usually we allow an overlap of at least 5cm/2″ outside the recess at each side and above the window.
    Drop: Measure from the top of the roller blind down to where you want it to end – this might be on the sill, just below the sill, to the top of a radiator etc. Measure both sides of the window to check your measurements.

  5. Making the blind

    Now you’ve got your measurements you’re ready to make your own roller blind! You’ll find helpful tips on using the iron-on roller blind backing here; follow the instructions in the roller blind kit to get the perfect finish for your custom roller blind.

Browse roller blind fabric here:

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