Small Scissors – Thread Snips

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Beautiful little thread snip scissors, a joy to have in your workbox! Thread snips are great for sewing, notching curves, trimming seam allowances etc with accuracy and control. Size of scissors 11cm. Choose from two designs, below.

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Leopard, Petrol

Embroidery scissors - thread snips

These pretty thread snips are a workbox essential! A pair of embroidery scissors or thread snips are one of the most useful dressmaking tools to have in your sewing kit; we chose these little snips because they're beautiful too.

What are thread snips?

Thread snips are simply a pair of small scissors that give you fine control over  many small cutting jobs while you're dressmaking. Small scissors are better for small jobs as you're less  cut into your fabric by mistake! Snips are useful for jobs like
  • Cutting threads at the end of a line of stitching
  • Snipping into curves
  • Trimming back seam allowances in awkward corners
  • Cutting pattern notches

What is the difference between thread snips and embroidery scissors?

There's really no difference, it's personal preference.  Thread snips and embroidery scissors are both very useful when you are dressmaking, but why?  These are both different types of small, sharp cutters, great for cutting threads. We like to have a pair of  small scissors like these to hand. They're better than one-piece snips for lots of dressmaking tasks, like trimming seam allowances, cutting notches and notching curves. Other types of snips are available - we also stock one-piece snips, which some people prefer to the scissor type,  as well as Fiskars embroidery scissors - the choice is yours! Once you've got the tools you needs, why not have a browse through our dressmaking fabrics  for some inspiration? Follow us on social media and sign up to our newsletter for updates about stock, sales and more! (We promise not to send you lots of emails).  Come and visit us in the Antiques Quarter of Bridport, Dorset, UK - we have an even bigger selection of fabric and material in store!

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