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What is… A Curtain Heading?

The curtain heading you choose for your curtains are just as important as the fabric for the finished look of your curtains. For our bespoke curtains we offer a range of different choices for curtain headings, so that you can get the combination of fabric and heading that is perfect for your home.

Pencil Pleat Curtain Heading

Pencil pleat curtains are the classic curtain header style, giving a polished finish that suits almost every type of home. Pencil pleat header tape with several rows of gathering strings is sewn onto the back of the material and the strings are pulled to gather the curtains for a perfect fit. The amount of gather can be adjusted quite a lot depending on the size of the window – our bespoke curtains are make to fit your windows perfectly, but because you can adjust the fullness very easily, pencil pleat curtains can be easily moved between windows. and adjusted to fit.

When we make pencil pleat curtains, the fullness can vary from 1.5 fullness to 3 times fullness, depending on the amount of fabric you would like on your window, and also depending on your budget. You can also choose from different depths of header tape from 1″ up to 6″, which again gives the option of many different finishes for these versatile curtains; they also work equally well on a curtain pole or a track.

Eyelet Curtain Heading

Eyelet curtains fit to a curtain pole only, as the header is constructed of eyelets or rings which are applied to the top of the curtain creating holes neatly finished with an eyelet ring. This can give a simpler, more contemporary finish to your windows which is perfect for some homes.

Eyelet curtains are threaded onto your curtain pole through the eyelet holes, meaning that the fabric will hang with a slight wave rather than a tight gather. The depth of the wave depends on the clearance between the curtains and your wall; our makers will take account of this and calculate the number of eyelets you’ll need for your window, so it’s important that we have all the measurements before we start.

This style produces a beautiful modern look, however these curtains can only be hung on curtain poles and not tracks. We now make up eyelet curtains with punched metal eyelets as standard, as these create a beautiful and robust curtain header, and are available in a range of finishes to complement your curtain fabric and decor.

Triple Pleat and Double Pleat Curtains

You may decide that double or triple pleat curtains are the right choice for you, especially if you live in a period property. Double or triple pleat curtains, also known as pinch pleat curtains, are a traditional curtain heading style which create a polished, tailored look ideal for more formal room settings.

Our bespoke double or triple pleat curtains are made in the traditional way, using buckram to stiffen the curtain header, and with each pleat sewn in. These curtains have a beautiful finish, and because the pleats are sewn in theyv have a structured, even gather, although this does mean they will be more difficult to move to a different-sized window in the future. They work well hung from a pole or on a traditional curtain track.


Wave Tape Curtain Heading

Wave tape curtains are a contemporary heading finish, created using a special header tape that is sewn to the top of the material. Wave tape is constructed in such a way that the strings can be pulled to create a simple wave gather, giving a finish that is similar to eyelet curtains without the holes. These create a sleek and modern finish to your window.

Tab Top Curtains

We are occasionally asked to make tab top curtains, which hang from a pole by fabric loops, giving a soft, informal finish. For these curtains, the header is created from strips of fabric by our makers, and then sewn into fabric tabs at the top of the curtain. These are then threaded onto your curtain pole. Note that these curtains cannot be hung from a curtain track.


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Medieval style Dress

Furnishing cloth makes a great alternative to cotton poplin if you are looking for a luxurious dressmaking fabric.  In this picture it has been used to make a warm, heavyweight evening dress and the maker wore it to a masked ball on a winters evening.  She used curtain lining fabric for the voluminous sleeves, re-purposed from her old curtains.


You could re-create this classic look with fabric from our traditional collection of furnishing materials. berkleyThis lovely embellished swirl is called Berkeley.  We have a huge range of hangers to look through in our shop.DSC_4290




On the left, you can see that Berkeley is available in a range of refined colours and that we also have other suitable fabrics available.  In the centre of the picture is Summer Palace also at £28.50 per metre and on the right is Bess at £29.40 per metre.


DSC_4279The trim is stitched on to the surface of the fabric to create the illusion of a laced bodice.  You can find a large selection of trims like the ones featured below in our shop in Bridport, or ring us on 01308 456844 to request some samples.DSC_4300


Cinderella shall go to the Ball!  Or maybe you have panto costumes to make for the coming season? Step by step instructions are included in this Simplicity pattern making it simple to put this lovely outfit together.  Follow the costumes link above to find out more.










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Stretch Towelling

saturday 24 2015 006Our superior quality stretch cotton mix towelling makes comfortable sheets for cots, moses baskets, and single beds.  The stretchy nature means it can be pulled tight to give a wrinkle-free sleeping surface and the soft, absorbent nature enables moisture to be wicked away from the skin. This makes it an ideal material for backing bibs for both babies and the sick or elderly.

stretch white towellingThe towelling is a pure brilliant white and has proved tricky to photograph but we hope that you get a better idea of the colour from this second picture.  We are happy to send you a sample of this fabric and you can now buy this product in our online shop.