Rainbows And Stars Brushed Cotton Fabric

£ 9.75 / metre

Rainbows and stars brushed cotton is a soft and super-cute printed winceyette. It has a design of  dotty drawn rainbows on a white background, with scattered stars.This brushed cotton fabric feels very soft and cosy, so it’s suitable for bedding, pyjamas, baby items and waste-saving reuseables like makeup removers and sanitary pads – check the long description for some useful links!


Pattern: rainbows and stars
  • sleepy little cats brushed cotton fabric, with a design of sleepy cat faces on a sky blue background
  • dino winceyette; dinosaur design flannelette fabric
  • scattered flowers brushed cotton fabric. Flannelette with a more grown up flower design
  • sunshine print brushed cotton winceyette
  • rainbow heart strings brushed cotton in black. Stripey rainbow design fabric with strings of hearts and stars in rainbow colours on a black background
  • little bugs brushed cotton, colourful ladybirds winceyette fabric
  • rainbow heart strings brushed cotton in white. Stripey rainbow design fabric with strings of hearts and stars in rainbow colours on a white background
  • rainbows and stars brushed cotton. winceyette with a drawn rainbow design
  • little blue whales brushed cotton fabric. design on mini whales in shades of blue

5.00 m in stock (backorders allowed)

Product Price

5 metres in stock


10 – 15% shrinkage on washing


100% Cotton


Childrens, Clothing, Craft Project, For Baby, Throw / Blanket, Toys

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Width (cm)


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rainbows and stars

Rainbows and stars brushed cotton winceyette is a super-cute brushed cotton with a print of rainbows in gentle shades and scattered stars. The background is a soft white, showing off the colours. This is a 100% brushed cotton fabric, suitable for various clothing and household projects. This dotty drawn rainbow pattern flannelette has a brushed surface or nap on both sides of the fabric, so it has a cosy soft feel and is great to work with. Brushed cotton flannelette is a lovely, soft useful fabric - here's a little more info about flannelette

How to use rainbows and stars brushed cotton fabric

This rainbow drawing brushed cotton winceyette is great for all sorts of bedding, clothing and craft projects, so our customers use it for projects like:
  • reusable sanitary pads
  • reusable makeup wipes
  • pyjamas
  • bedding
  • shirts
  • sleepwear
  • baby growbags
  • reusable nappies
  • quilt backing
Do you want to make your own reuseables to save waste? There's lots of info out there! We like this page on how to make your own sanitary pads. We also liked this Youtube instructional about making reuseable makeup pads using brushed cotton fabric. We love to see what our customers make with our fabrics so why not follow us on Instagram or Facebook and tag us to share your makes!

Winceyette or flannelette?

Winceyette is a soft, warm dressmaking fabric which is ideal for bedding and all your craft projects. It is known by a number of different names so you might see fabric like this drawn rainbow brushed cotton fabric described as:
  • Winceyette
  • Flannelette
  • Brushed cotton flannelette
  • Brushed cotton
  • Brushed cotton fabric
  • Wynciette
At Livingstone Textiles we sell a lot of fabric besides this brushed cotton flannelette! We also sell patterns by Simplicity and New Look which will help you make the most of your chosen fabric. If you'd like to learn more about reading a pattern you'll find there's lots of help online, for example this tutorial from Simplicity.    

Colours can appear differently on screen, so although every care has been taken to represent them accurately, some variations may occur from real life. To check colours are as you expect we recommend you order a sample, to see and feel the fabric in the flesh. Free samples are available for all fabrics! Colours can also vary between dye lots, so please ensure you order enough for your project.

So we can package your fabrics beautifully for posting, they will be taken off the roll and folded. We try our best to always send fabric in one continuous length although this is not always possible, we will contact you if this is the case. Some fabrics are also on sale in our shop in Bridport, Dorset, so on rare occasions stock may not be available where it appears to be online. We do our best to avoid this and many fabrics can be reordered, again if this occurs we will contact you to discuss the options.

To keep your lovely new fabrics in the best condition we recommend checking out the Product Info for details on how to care for them. Washable fabrics should always be hand washed, before cutting and making your projects, in order to allow for shrinkage.

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