Prym Button Press For Cover Buttons

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Easy to use Prym button maker tool. This cover button tool is simple to use and can be used with either plastic or metal self-cover button blanks. The universal button press means you can simply and quickly make cover buttons in sizes from 11mm to 29mm.

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1 in stock

Easy to use Prym button press for cover buttons. We love Prym products - they're always well-designed and lovely to use, and you'll find that this universal Prym cover button tool  is no exception. With this simple hand button cover tool you can easily make customised buttons with any fabric you like, for upholstery, furnishing, or clothes.

How to use the Prym button press

The universal tool for coverable buttons by Prym makes it even easier to create personalised, covered buttons. This tool, made of soft plastic, can be used for five sizes or button from 11 mm to 29 mm. Use the cover button tool to ensure that the fabric fits the button  smoothly and doesn't slip. Easy to use - press the button back firmly into place with the top plate.  Tool comes with full instructions and cutting patterns for all button sizes. To create your button using the press:
  • Cut a circle of fabric enough to cover the button
  • Place the fabric into the correct silicone socket
  • press the button face down into the socket
  • Tuck in any wayward folds of fabric
  • Put the button back on top and press into place
  • Put the plastic lid on top of the Prym cover button tool and press down firmly
  • Turn the cover button tool over and press out your finished button!

Why do I need a button tool?

Cover buttons are easy to make and ideal for adding a custom finishing touch to furnishings and clothing. Our universal button press tool makes it quick and easy to hand cover buttons for all sorts of furnishing, dressmaking and craft projects,  We love cover buttons on projects like:
  • Shirts
  • Pinafores
  • Cushions
  • Tiebacks
  • Pelmets
  • Pinch pleat and goblet curtain headings
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