Deep Pencil Pleat Header Tape

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Our deep pencil pleat header tape is a generous 6″  or 15 cm deep curtain header tape, perfect for luxuriously generous deep pencil pleats. This 6 inch (15 cm) tape has 4 woven pockets for added adjustment, and 4 strings for an even gather.

400 in stock (can be backordered)

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400 in stock

Deep Pencil Pleat Header Tape

Our superior 6 inch pencil pleat header tape is a 6″ header tape made with 4 strong pockets for a range of hook positions and the four cords mean the curtain gather easily and evenly;  please see the picture for details.

This 6 inch (15 cm) tape has 4 strings and 4 woven pockets which allow you to adjust the hanging position of your deep pencil pleat curtains exactly. We also prefer to use this tape because woven pockets are much stronger than the cheaper string pockets; our 6″ header tape will give a long-lasting and immaculate finish to your 6″ pencil pleat curtains.

To finish your curtains to perfection, see our guide on how to hang pencil pleat curtains for more details. We sell our tape by the metre, so simply adjust quantity to the number of metres you require.

  • Width of tape : 15 cm / 6″
  • Height of tape above first pocket : 5.5cm / 2.25″
  • Spacing: From centre of one woven pocket to the next when flat: 45mm.
  • Suggested Uses: Light to heavy weight curtains


Price is per metre of tape. Please alter quantity to the number of metres you require. For help with calculating curtain fabric requirements please see our curtain making information. We will send out your 6″ header tape in one continuous length, wherever possible.

Are you making your own curtains? take a look at this guide by Debbie Shore on how to line curtains!

For best results, please dry-clean your curtains, don’t wash!

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