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How To Install a Batten for a Roman Blind

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This guide will talk you through how to install a batten for a roman blind. When your new roman blinds arrive from our talented makers we hope you’ll want to admire them at your window straight away, but before you hang them it’s worth taking time to get the basics right. Not sure about DIY? Don’t worry! If we made your blinds, and you are local to our base in Bridport, then you can choose to make use of our handyperson service for expert installation of all types of curtains and blinds. just ask us for a quote.

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You will need:

Time needed: 30 minutes

Wooden batten approx 1″ square, cut to length.
Metal screw eyes, you need 1 for each line of cord on your blind
Sticky backed hook Velcro
A wood saw
Screws long enough to go through the wood and fix into your window

  1. Decide how to fix your batten

    How you choose to fix the roman blind batten will depend on the type of window frame – wood, metal or UPVC – and whether you are happy to fix the blind directly to this. If you cannot fix directly to the window frame (e.g. if you are renting the property or you simply don’t want to mark the frame) you may be able to fix a bracket to the ceiling and attach your batten here. Once you have decided on the fixing position, cut your batten to size.

  2. Prepare your batten

    With your batten is cut to size, lay it across the top of your blind, in line with its final position; this will allow you to see where the cords need to be attached. Make a mark on the batten in line with each cord – this is where you need to place the eyelets. Now drill small pilot holes on the marks ready for the eyelets. Use a 3mm drill bit suitable for wood, and don’t drill too deep – they are just there to start off the screw so that it doesn’t split the wood. Attach the Velcro at this point as well; remove the sticky back from the Velcro and place this along one side of the roman blind batten.

  3. Positioning the blind

    This step is easier with two people
    To make sure you’re fixing the blind in the right place, Attach your blind to the batten by the velcro, fully extend the blind and hold it in front of the window. Make sure it is central to the window and at the correct height (generally the bottom of the blind should hang just above the window sill) it is much easier if one person holds the blind in place while the other stands back to check it is in the correct position!
    Once you are happy, mark the window frame or ceiling to show where the roman blind batten should be fixed.
    If you are using ceiling brackets, then ensure that in this step you are able to line these up with the holes you are about to make.

  4. Drill the batten

    Mark the roman blind batten where the holes need to go. You should mark about 1 inch (2.5cm) in from each end and then evenly space the remaining holes about 12inches (30cm) apart. Make sure your marks are in the centre of the batten. Using a small drill bit, drill each hole all the way through the batten.

  5. Transfer the marks for drilling

    This step is easier with two people
    Now hold your batten back up to the window frame so that it lines up with the marks you made in step 3. if you are fixing directly into the window frame, transfer the position of the holes you have drilled into the batten onto the frame; this can be done by putting the drill back through the hole to mark the frame on the other side. You may find this easier to have someone hold the batten while you make the marks. Now remove the batten and drill a shallow pilot hole into the frame.

  6. Final step!

    You are now ready to fix to the window. Hold the roman blind batten in place and screw through into your pilot holes at your fixing points. Your batten should now be secure and ready to hang your blind. For more information on how to do that, check out our how-to.

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