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How to measure for a Roman blind

roman blind how to measure for a a roman blind

Do you want to know how to measure for a roman blind? Roman blinds make smart window furnishings, adding a stylish finish to any room. Whether you’re making the blinds yourself or choosing to have your furnishings made to measure from one of our professional makers, it’s important to measure for a roman blind correctly. If we’re making your roman blinds and you’re not sure about measuring up yourself, don’t worry! One of our makers will be happy to come out and measure up for you; if you live in our local area just ask us for a quote.  

Tape measure ready? Here’s what to do to measure for roman blinds:

Time needed: 20 minutes

  1. Look at your window

    Firstly, decide if the blind is going to hang outside of the window or sit in the recess. Consider how much space you have around your window, and where you could fit the batten or cassette. At this point you will need to decide what kind of system you will use to hang your blind and what fixings are available.

  2. Accurate measuring

    We recommend a metal rule or a new fabric tape to ensure the tape is accurate. Remember, our makers can only be as accurate as your measurements! Measure in at least 2 to 3 places if you are hanging the roman blind in a recess. This is especially important in an older property, as the walls are very often not as straight as they seem, and if we haven’t taken account of this it can lead to the blind catching.

  3. What to measure

    Measure the width, which is across the whole area you want the blind to cover, and the drop.
    Width: When hanging a roman blind outside the window recess it is usual to take the blind at least 5cm/2″ outside the recess at each side and above the window.
    Drop: Consider where you want the blind to finish; this can be in line with the sill, just above a radiator or even down to the floor.

  4. Units are important

    We are ‘bi-lingual’ in centimeters and inches here at Livingstones, although we tend to leave the millimetres to carpenters. You can bring your measurements for your roman blind to us in either unit, but please stick to one or the other to avoid confusion, and make sure you tell us which you’ve used!

  5. Need to know more?

    You’ll find more information on Roman blinds including how to make them in our free tutorials. Follow this link for more how to guides, plus lots of other helpful tips for your sewing projects. Alternatively, If you would like one of our professional makers to hand-make you a beautiful roman blind, then please get in touch

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