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How To Make Jubilee Bunting

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Get ready for the Platinum Jubilee with our fabulous, easy bunting!

We love bunting flags for decorating gardens, beach huts, houses, children’s rooms and more! Now you can celebrate the platinum jubilee by making these gorgeous retro bunting flags for your house, garden or street party.

Do you want to know how to sew bunting? Making bunting is really simple, and our Union Jack bunting pack makes it even easier! Learn here how to sew jubilee bunting. Our bunting pack contains all the materials you need, and makes a string of bunting approximately 2.5m long, with 13 flag triangles. You can adapt these instructions to make bunting from your own jubilee, flag or any other fabric. You’ll need fabric and approx 2.5m of bunting tape or ribbon.

What you’ll need:

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Cut and prepare flags

Iron the fabric on a cotton setting and cut out the triangles. Discard the narrow triangle.

Fold the length of tape in half and mark the mid-point with a pin. Getting the first triangle in the centre of the tape will make it easy to position the rest.


Pin the triangle

Place the first flag triangle with the red central stripe aligned to the centre pin, leaving about a quarter of an inch or three mm above the triangle. Smooth out the fabric and pin both the two top corners of the triangle to the tape.


Pin remainder of triangles

Work outwards from this central flag, pinning six further flags to either side of this one, spreading them evenly along the tape.

Remember to leave some empty tape at each end so that you can hang your bunting!


Stitch your flag bunting

For each flag, smooth the fabric and pin in place either side of the triangle to the tape.

Machine the flags onto the tape using a zig zag stitch or straight stitch to secure them.


Hang up your Jubilee bunting!

You will have approximately 10cm of tape left over at either end. Fold this in half, fold in the raw edge and stitch so as to make a loop to help with hanging up your jubilee bunting bunting.

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