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How to Apply Bias Binding

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Read this quick tutorial on how to apply bias binding to a quilt, garment or any sewing project; it’s the easy way to help you get that perfect finish every time.

Bias binding or tape is a narrow strip of fabric cut on the bias.

This gives a stretchy tape that will go around curves with ease. Bias tape is a really useful for getting a neat finish on a raw edge, or for binding a curved seam. It’s also great to use to add another contrasting fabric to your make! You can buy bias binding ready-made in a huge range of plain colours, and also get it in patterned fabric too.

You can apply bias binding to a quilt to get a lovely matching or contrasting edge, or use it on any sewing project where you want to bind a raw edge, so if you want to apply bias binding to a quilt or oven gloves, or use it for finishing off a garment, read on!

For a truly bespoke finish, why not make your own bias tape? use matching or contrasting fabric to add a finishing touch to your make. Even though bias binding is cut on the bias of the fabric (diagonally) you really don’t need a lot of fabric to make your own – check out this helpful tutorial to see how it’s done!

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Apply your bias binding

Unfold your strip of bias binding placing the right side of your binding on the underside of your fabric, matching the raw edges.

Keeping your bias unfolded, pin in place and then stitch along the first crease, nearest to raw edges. (We have used contrasting thread to demonstrate)

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Bias tape, bias binding, how to, apply bias binding, apply bias tape, edge a quilt


Finishing off

Re-fold your strip of bias around the raw edges of your project, you may have to trim the raw edges slightly.

Pin in place ensuring the first line of stitching is not visible. Top stitch close to the folded edge of your binding.

Now you have a beautifully, neat, finished edge! Bias binding looks great on dressmaking projects, oven gloves, applied to a quilt; it’s ideal for finishing your sewing project to look just right

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