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How To Use Fuse-a-Web


Fuse-a-web is a great way to fix fabric to fabric when you’re doing applique and crafting. The fine mesh-like material easily bonds two fabric pieces together when heated under a hot iron. It works in much the same way as the hemming web tape we sell, but the fuse-a-web has the advantage of being 45cm/18″ wide, making it more suitable for your craft and applique projects.

skill level beginner

You will need:

  • Scissors
  • A hot iron
  • An ironable surface the right size for your project

Time needed: 1 hour

Fuse-a-web is backed with paper which acts as a protection for the webbing. This gets removed when one side is ironed onto the fabric. Make sure you use a dry iron for the first side and then iron over a damp cloth for the second side, as described below!

  1. First test your fabric

    Before you begin, make sure the iron is set to the right temperature for your fabric, and test-iron an area that will not be seen.

  2. Mark out your project

    Mark out the fuse-a-web on the paper side; roughly draw on the size and shape of the fabric that you want to be bonded.

  3. Get ironing!

    Place your fabric right-side down on an ironable surface. Place the fuse-a-web over the fabric facing down, so that the paper side is facing up and is visible. Iron over the fuse-a-web with a dry iron on a gentle heat suitable for the fabric you are using.

  4. Trim off

    Carefully check that the fuse-a-web has bonded to the fabric then trim the edges of the fuse-a-web to the shape of your project piece. Carefully peel off the paper backing leaving the fuse-a-web bonded to the fabric

  5. Bond the other side

    Place the second side of your project fabric right side down on the ironing surface, then place the fabric with the fuse-a-web attached on top, with the fuse-a-web in the centre like the filling in a fabric sandwich. Cover with a damp cloth and gently iron. Don’t allow the iron to be in one place for more than 10 seconds. Once your project is fully bonded, allow to cool fully before you work on it further.

  6. What can I use it for?

    We’ve used fuse-a-web for all sorts of craft projects, including bags, applique pieces, bunting, and all manner of stash-busting craft projects. The only limit is your imagination!


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