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Cotton Poplin Vs Cotton Lawn

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Cotton poplin and cotton lawn are always popular with dressmakers, but what’s the difference? Read on to find out more…

They are both 100% cotton fabrics

but there are some distinct differences in how they feel and behave that can make all the difference to your dressmaking.

Our dressmaking room is full of gorgeous poplins and lawns! Our poplins are available in a rainbow of plain colours and numerous beautiful prints. Cotton poplin is a crisp, strong fabric that is easy to sew with and makes an ideal starter fabric for people new to sewing. Lawn on the other hand is a finer, more sheer fabric than poplin and has an opaque and smooth look, making it ideal for a smart lightweight blouse. Lets take a closer look:

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Cotton Poplin

Poplin is a durable, lightweight cotton fabric, with a close/tight weave, which is soft to touch. It has a crisp feel and is less prone to creasing than some more traditional cotton fabrics.

As well as being ideal for dressmaking, cotton poplin is a favourite of crafters and one of the most commonly used fabrics for quilting and patchwork.

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Cotton Lawn

Cotton Lawn is lightweight, durable and has a tight weave. it is woven with a finer thread than poplin, giving it a silky smooth feel.

Our lawns are available in some fabulous prints which we’d use for making a shirt, lined skirt or dress. We also love to use the plain colours of lawn as a soft lightweight lining material. Shop our cotton lawn here.


Sewing cotton poplins and cotton lawns

Before you start work, with all cotton fabrics we always advise that you wash the fabric before you start your sewing project. This will take out any shrinkage, which will save on annoyance later!

Cotton poplin can be sewn with a standard sewing machine needle or can of course be handsewn. When sewing cotton lawn it’s best to use a smaller universal needle.

Both poplin and lawn can be sewn with our sew-all thread or cotton thread, both from Gutermann. As lawn is a light, smooth fabric and can slip when sewing it is best to pin carefully in place with fine pins. Alternatively some people prefer to use a spray starch to make it easier to work with.

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