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Autumn 2019 Sewing Workshops in Yeovil

As we move into the autumn, maybe you would like to brush up on your sewing skills with a workshop in our dedicated teaching room at our Yeovil store? Our workshops are running on Saturdays through September, October and November. They run from 10am to 4pm , with tea and coffee included, though you will need to bring your own lunch. These classes all require you to bring your own sewing machine with all its feet and power lead, as well as a basic sewing kit. We have a car park right outside which is free to use while you are with us, and disabled access is available to the teaching room in our platform lift. All these full day workshops cost £45 payable on booking, which you can do in person at our Yeovil store or over the phone on 01935 422631.

Here is a reminder of the classes we are running this autumn:

Sew a Sample Curtain

Hand finished curtain hems

This is a beginner’s class, though you will need to be familiar with your sewing machine and have basic sewing skills. You will learn how to hem a curtain and how to create curtain headings. You will make up a sample size example curtain – please note you are not able to make a full size curtain in this class due to space limitations. This class is running on Saturday 7th September 2019, so book now and gain the skills you need to upgrade your home decor this autumn.

Learn to Love Your Sewing Machine

Want to get more confident with your machine? Unsure even where to start? This class will help you gain in confidence on your own machine under expert guidance and will cover issues such as tension and stitch length, as well as the function of different feet. This class has been extremely popular and given a real boost to the participants’ sewing. This class is running on 21st September and 16th November 2019.

Learn to Machine Quilt

Machine quilting is the process of joining together layers of fabric, usually with a cushioned layer in between. This gives a decorated effect as well as adding texture to the finished item. This class is suitable for beginners, although you will need some familiarity with your machine and basic sewing skills. This class is running on 5th October 2019 and is almost sold out!

Christmas Decorations

This class is a mystery, what delights will our wonderful teacher Lynn Horniblow come up with? All you need to know is that we will be having fun with a selection from our range of fabulous Christmas fabrics and making a home made decoration you couldn’t buy in the shops. Join us for this class on 2nd November 2019 and you will have time to go home and add to your stash of decorations before the tree goes up!

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No Business like ‘Sew’ Business



Bridport Arts Centre is all ready to kick off its Fashion Week event to celebrate fashion history, costume and the recent upsurge in the popularity of sewing.  Starting on Monday 4th March and running through to Sunday 10th March there is sure to be something to whet your appetite and inspire you to get your sewing machine out.  Livingstone Textiles is very proud to have been able to sponsor this event and during the week we will have a stand in the Arts Centre foyer where you can pick up information about our locations and the products and services we provide as well as a huge selection of fabric and haberdashery to choose from.


The events consist of talks on pattern drafting, pattern reading, historical fashion and the influences of modern London fashion through the experienced eye of Saville Row tailor, author and tv presenter James Sherwood. Also visiting Bridport to talk about the Royal Wardrobe are the Curators of Bath Museum of Fashion. They will be explaining their current exhibition on modern royal fashion as well as the royal wardrobe of Queen Alexander, Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother and our current Queen Elizabeth. Continuing the fashion history theme, Bridport museum will be giving a unique insight into their textile and costume collection dating back 150 years and Arts Centre Director Curtis Fulcher will be giving an informed talk on Tudors and Historical costume. Curtis is an experienced costume designer and maker and has made a couple of recreations to demonstrate his talk with questions. There are also a great range of films to watch about some of the greatest fashion designers that have ever lived and you can find more information about the whole weeks events here

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Sewing workshops

We’re really excited about our new programme of sewing workshops, starting this month at our Yeovil store, so if you’re ready to blow away the Christmas cobwebs and learn something different, or improve your sewing techniques, get booking! All our courses give you the chance to learn new skills on your own sewing machine, so that you don’t have to waste time on the day learning how a different machine works, so please make sure you have a working sewing machine available to bring with you on the day.

The workshops are taught by the talented Lynn Horniblow, and cover a range of useful sewing skills; you can learn to get to grips with your sewing machine and use it to its full potential,  master the more fiddly details of sewing, or learn a whole new skill like crochet, or machine patchwork. All our workshops run from 10am to 4pm and cost £45 for the day. tea and coffee are provided, you just need to bring your lunch.

Places are limited, so please pop into our Yeovil store, or phone up to book your place 0n 01935 422631. Payment is needed upon booking.



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Sewing Workshops in Yeovil

In the New Year we will be running more sewing workshops in our Yeovil shop, for those of you who would like to improve your sewing skills or for the complete beginner. These would make a great last-minute Christmas gift for someone or would be a great to consider if you’re lucky enough to receive a sewing machine for Christmas and need some pointers!

The workshops will be run by the lovely Lynn Horniblow. You will need to bring along your own machine, giving you a chance to become more familiar with it and allowing you to focus on the sewing rather than learning all about a new machine. Each class is £45, this is non-refundable so please make sure that you are able to bring a machine and that you are able to attend on the date of the class. There are limited places so please book soon to ensure you have a place.

Tea and coffee will be provided; however, you will need to bring along your own lunch.

January 2019

  • Saturday 12th 10am – 4pm Learn to love your sewing machine
  • Tuesday 22nd 10am -4pm Beginners crochet

February 2019

  • Saturday 23rd 10am – 4pm Beginners machine patchwork

March 2019

  • Friday 15th 10am – 4pm How to zips and fastenings
  • Saturday 23rd 10am – 4pm How to seams, hems and pockets

April 2019

  • Tuesday 16th April 10am – 4pm Zipped and piped cushions

If you would like to book in for any of the above workshops then or have any questions then please contact our Yeovil shop on 01935 422631, or pop in and see them. Please note payment is needed upon booking.

We hope to see you in the new year!


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Elephant Patchwork Quilting Classes

Our newest patchwork course is well under way in our Yeovil shop.  Having a dedicated teaching space enables us to offer you our sewing expertise in a small group where you can learn new skills and make new friends.elephant workshop wk 1 img3wk2 elephant workshop







You can see that all our ladies are happy and relaxed and busy creating some beautiful patchwork, all skillfully lead by our tutor.



Elephant workshop wk1






If you would like more information about our next course dates, please contact us on 01935 422631 or email us here

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We have our first workshop coming up in a few weeks at our Bridport Dorset shop. We will be having a fun knicker workshop. Why not come and make knickers with us.

The cost of the workshop is £20.00 this includes all materials all you need to do is bring yourselves, basic sewing kit and sewing machine.

Our workshops are run by our staff who can’t wait to share all their knowledge with you.

This workshop has to be booked in advance. Contact our friendly staff in Bridport on 01308 456844 who will help you with your enquiry.

Place; Livingstone Textiles Bridport Dorset
Date; Saturday 11th February 2017
Time; 10.00-12.30
Cost; £20.00

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Yeovil Workshops

Our workshops at Yeovil got underway on Saturday, with great success, in the morning we ran a beginners patchworking workshop where the students got the opportunity to make some beautiful patchwork pincushions. We had a small group so everyone got the personal help they needed. Everyone left with either completed pin cushions or with the knowledge on how to complete them.

Out workshops are run by members of our team, we are not qualified teachers but have years of knowledge and experience that we would love to share with you. Our workshops are held at our stores, either our Yeovil store or our Bridport store, and classes in each store are dependant on our team members expertise.

This workshop costs £10.00 per person to attend and with that, you are supplied with your materials. Our patchwork for beginners workshop runs every other Saturday 10.30-12.30.

If you would like further information about our Yeovil workshops please contact them on 01935 422631

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Yeovils Patchwork Group

Alternate Saturday Afternoons 2.00-4.00. Coffee and biscuits included.

Pop in for a chat we would love to see you and your beautiful work. Come and sew with some like-minded people, share your knowledge or get some advice.

This is a drop-in group so feel free to just pop along. This group is for hand sewn patchwork so you won’t even need to bring your machine.

£3.00 per person.

If you are traveling please do contact the store on 01935 422631 to confirm the group is still on. See below for examples of some of the fantastic quilts created in the group – and all by hand.

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Beginners Patchwork at Yeovil

At our beginner’s patchwork sewing workshop you will learn the very basics of patchwork by making a patchwork cushion. This is a handsewn workshop only so sewing machines and a knowledge of them is not needed.

The session will run for 2 hours 10- 12, on alternative Saturdays and by the end of the session, you should have a completed piece of work or the knowledge on how to finish the piece. For dates please telephone as below.

This workshop offers you a great opportunity to get into something new with the help and support of friendly people.

If you would like to book onto this workshop or would like more information please contact our Yeovil store on 01935 422631

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Boxed Cushion Class

On Tuesday 4th and 11th May 2016 we had our first “How to sew a boxed cushion sewing class”. We ran it over 2 evenings with 2 hours on each night. The class started at 6.30 and ended at 8.30 on both evenings.

We had four people attend our class, which for this particular class was our maximum capacity. We try at all times to keep our numbers small so that each person get as much help as is needed. On most of our classes we have a maximum of 6 people but with making a box cushion more space is needed.

The class began with cutting out the panels, each person used their own foam cushion as a guide on the size of the fabric. It is important to have your cushion available when making a boxed cushion as this way you can size the cushion exactly right.

The class made their own piping for the cushion, and this was a skill that they were taught  during the course of the two evenings. Piping can be made by using bias binding, which can be bought pre-cut or you can cut your own. Bias binding is a tape that is cut diagonal across the material or cut on a bias as it is known.

Another skill that was learn during the evenings was putting in a zip. Zips can be something that most people dread and hate, but with the right tutoring a zip can become one of the easiest things to put in.

At the end of the second evening everyone was very happy with what they had created, have either finished or was nearly done and was leaving with clear instructions.

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New Sewing Class Dates

DSC_4180The winter sewing classes finished two weeks ago and as usual they went very well, with everyone that attended very happy with all they had learnt. We had some classes that weren’t planned added in due to a number of requests and thoses classes were very well attended.

The new dates are out for the summer terms sewing classes and we have put in some of the ever popular regular classes alongside some new and exciting classes.

Summer Term Booklet

The classes commence with Learn to love your sewing machine part 1 on 12th April 2016 with part 2 following the week after.

If you are interested in attending any of our classes or would like to register interest on to any of our listed classes please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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Piped Cushion with a Zip

2016-03-12 13.27.07At Livingstone Textiles we run a range of evening sewing classes, where on booking you can learn a range of different skills. Our sewing classes range from dressmaking techniques and making garments to soft furnishings including curtains and cushions.

The last sewing class we ran was “how to make a piped cushion”. This is a really nice beginner class where you learn lots of basic skills that you can take away and use in lots of other project.

The two main skills that are taught in this class is piping and inserting a zip. This are skills that even a confidant sewer can struggle with, but Lynn the tutor teaches it in a way that makes it understandable, and one 2016-03-12 13.29.17conquered this skill can be used in soft furnishings and dressmaking.

The second really good skill that is learnt on this sewing class is piping ad how to make it. Lynn teaches not only how to insert the piping into the cushion but she also teaches how to make it. Available on the market now is pre piped cord, and is something that we sell on our webshop and in our shop in Bridport Dorset, but being able to make it yourself is a skill that is really important to learn at this basic level.

We now do “how to make a boxed cushion” which is a really good follow on sewing class from “how to make a piped cushion” as it is putting theses skills of inserting a zip and piping to the test. We are really excited to be running the next class.

If you are interested in this or any other sewing classes we run please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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Learn to Love your Sewing Machine Part One

With the new year comes a fresh term of sewing classes, and as usual we have started with “Learn to Love Your Sewing Machine Part 1”. This was on Tuesday 19th January 2016 between 6.30-8.30. We always start our new year term with the class as we hope that people with new sewing machine for Christmas or the people who have made their new years resolution to start using the sewing machine collecting dust in the corner will have heard of us and what great sewing classes we run.

This class was and is always taught by Lynn Horniblow who is a well established sewing teacher and has been teaching our sewing classes since we started running them at our shop in Bridport Dorset. We try to keep our numbers small so that each person can get as much one to one teaching as time allows, generally we have 4 -6 people in each class. On this particular evening we had 5 pupils each at generally the same stage of learning. Learn to love your sewing machine is aimed at beginners or people with new machines that need a little bit of tutoring, and it is not set to one sewing machine type.

The evening starts with Lynn introducing herself and explaining what she hope you will all get out of the evening. She will then help anyone who needs help with setting up their machines. Some people may know how to do some basics of sewing while others might not even know how to thread the machine, this is why during the class it start with threading the machine, and learning how to do it correctly. This is so important, not having the thread going though all the loops can really effect the tension of your stitching. The class then gets moved onto needles and how important they are to your sewing, the different types and how having a blunt needle can dramatically effect the finished result of your sewing.

The class will then move onto tensions, stitch lengths and things that are more personal to your sewing machine, as all machines are different and each one has dials in different places.

Each “Learn to love your Sewing Machine” sewing class moves at a different pace and speed depending on the class and what each person wants to know. Everyone that did Tuesdays sewing class thoroughly enjoyed it and most will be continuing onto “learn to love your sewing machine part 2” which is the following week. Doing both classes is not always needed and some people come back to part 2 later when they have had more practice at sewing.

If you would like more information about the sewing classes we run at Livingstone Textiles, Bridport, Dorset please contact us for more information and we will be happy to help.



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2016 Sewing Classes

Sewing machine

New Sewing machine for Christmas? Not really sure how to use it? New to sewing or just out of practice?

If you answered yes to any of the above then you might be interested in attending one of our sewing classes. We run a range of evening sewing classes the are suited for the new sewer or for the sewer who wants to brush up on their skills. Generally  our sewing classes start at 6.30 in the evening and running to either 8.30 or 9.00 depending on the class. These classes have in the past been very popular and well attended. We are starting our new classes on Tuesday 19th January 2016 with “Learn to love your sewing machine part 1” then with “Learn to love your sewing machine part 2” the week after. These classes are ideal for new sewer or someone with a new sewing machine. Learn to love your sewing machine runs over the basics of sewing with a machine, and brushes over things like threading your machine, filling a bobbing, machine tension and much more. For full details contact us or follow the link here.

This term we are also running a couple of our dressmaking techniques sewing classes, zips and then button holes. These are classes were you learn how to do one technique in detail.

For all dates in the Spring Term classes have a look at our classes booklet, and we also have dates for year 2016 where you can register your interest for upcoming sewing classes.

If you would like further information on our sewing classes please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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Make Your Own Cushion Pack

DSC_4038 Do you want to make your own cushion but are not sure where to start? Not sure how much fabric, or how much piping you might need? Or do you know someone who loves making things and want to give them a present they will love? We have produced a “cushion pack” to take out the stress of making your cushion, all you have to do is sew it together, and we have helped there too, by production a step by step guide on how to  make your cushion with one of our packs. Doing one of our packs will give you the skills and abilities to make you want to sew more and more. Materials cropped

Within each pack you will receive, one 18″x18″ cushion pad, half a metre of your chosen fabric, 2 metres of piping in your chosen colour and a instruction booklet. All of this for a bargain price of £10.00. If you’re passing through Bridport, pop in and see us then you can pick your cushion materials from our full range of fabrics

DSC_4365You will also be able to choose from 17 different colours of piping.

If you would like a sample of any of the materials mentioned on this page please contact us with your details and information on the material or fabric you require and we will be happy to help.

If your still interested in making a cushion but think the pack might be too much for you why not have a look into our sewing classes.


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Christmas sewing classes

DSC_4343We ended this years sewing classes on Tuesday 26th November 2015 with our “Christmas sewing workshop” where everyone made Christmas stockings. This class went very well with everyone leaving with a finished or very nearly finished stocking. On the evening everyone brought their choice of Christmas fat quarters but had the chance to buy fancy ribbons and trimmings on the evening. By the end of the evening we had a beautiful range of fun stockings.

We will be starting next years classes on Tuesday 19th January 2016 with learn to love your sewing machine part 1, and then with part 2 following the week after. This class is really good for gaining experience and confidence with the sewing machine. This sewing class would be a great Christmas gift for anyone you might know that is starting to sew, getting back to sewing, or is getting a new machine for Christmas.

Not a new sewer but want to learn some new techniques? We have a full year’s programme of different sewing classes from dressmaking to curtain making. If you are interested in sewing and would like more information on our range of sewing classes, follow the links to more information on sewing classes or contact us and we will be happy to help.

It’s also not too late to do some of your own Christmas crafting. Don’t forget we have a massive range of Christmas fabrics in store, including our popular fat quarter bundles – which give you 6 different fabrics for £12.50. We also stock a huge range of trims, buttons, bells, ribbon and everything else you can think of to make all those festive items.

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Registering Interest Sewing Classes 2016

Register Your Interest- Classes 2016

All dates could change this is only a guide, on registering your interest you are not booking onto a class. Around 2 months before the start of the class you will be contacted to see if you still wish to attend the class, at which stage you will be asked to pay in full to book onto the class.

Learn to love your sewing machine part 1   12th April 2016
Learn to love your sewing machine part 2   19th April 2016
Dressmaking Techniques-                              26th April 2016
How to make pencil Pleat Curtains                May 2016
Boxed Cushion part 1                                      3rd May 2016
Boxed Cushion part 2                                      10th May 2016
Sewing with Stretch Legging                         17th May 2016
Machine Embroidery                                         24th May 2016
Learn to love your sewing machine part 1    31st May 2016
Learn to love your sewing machine part 2    7th June 2016
Waist coat part 1                                                14th June 2016
Waist coat part 2                                                 21st June 2016
Machine Embroidery                                         28th June 2016
How to make triple pleat curtains                    July 2016
Sew with stretch- Top                                       5th July 2016
Make a tote bag for summer                            12th July 2016
Learn to love your sewing machine part 1     20th Sept 2016
Learn to love your sewing machine part 2     27th Sept 2016
How to make a Roman Blind                            October 2016
Dressmaking Techniques                                4th Oct 2016
Dressmaking Techniques                               11th Oct 2016
Sew with stretch- Leggings                            18th Oct 2016
Sew with stretch- Top                                      25th Oct 2016
Christmas Gift Ideas- Make a cushion           1st Nov 2016
Christmas Workshop- Decorations                8th Nov 2016
Christmas Gift Idea- Make a Tote Bag          15th Nov 2016
Christmas Bunting                                           22nd Nov 2016

If you are interested in these classes please contact us and we will be happy to give you more information.

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Piped Cushion with a Zip

On Tuesday 27th October 2015 we ran our piped cushion with a zip class, on this class we had 4 students attend, we like to keep our classes small so that the tutor can make the classes as personal as possible. The class was two and half hours long and started at 6.30 and ended at 9.00. By the end of the evening each pupil should be leaving with a fully sew piped cushion with a zip or very nearly finished with the knowledge on how to finish it.

This class teaches you not only how  to sew the piping  into the cushion but you also learn how to cut the piping on the bias and sew it into piping cord.

If your interested in making piped cushions why not have a look into our piped envelope cushion packs which are avaialbe in our store in Bridport Dorset for only £10.00. Within this pack you will get everything you need to make your cushion from a range of different fabrics, cushion pads are also included within this price.

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Sewing Class- Learn to love your sewing machine part 1

DSC_4179On Thursday 15th October 2015, we ran Learn to love your sewing machine part 1, which is a sewing a class for anyone who wants to learn the basics of using their sewing machine. This class is very popular and its a sewing class that we have been running for a couple of years. This class is about people getting to know their sewing machines and what their machines are capable of so the class is taught on each individuals personal machines.

The first thing you will learn is how to thread your sewing machine, both the main thread at the top and the bobbin that goes under, the tutor will go round to everyone and see everyone machine, tailoring what she teaches to everyone’s needs. We keep our classes small, with a maximum of only 6 people in each class, this is so everyone get the one to one that they need at this early stage of sewing.

Most of the pupils we had on this class were all new to sewing although this isn’t always the case in the past we have had sewing that really want to get back to sewing after years and want to refresh their skills or sewers that have invested in a new machine. The class also went over how to fill the bobbin up, and what the different feet on the machine are for and how to change them, all the basic things that you need to know and how to do these things correctly.

Everyone who went on this class on DSC_4180Thursday 15th we all so pleased with what they had learnt and were looking forward to part 2 the following week. The following class will go into more depth on what was already learnt, with pupils learning how to use their zipper foot and putting in a basic zip and doing some basic piping with their piping foot.

We run a range of sewing classes at Livingstone Textiles all throughout the year, if you would like more information or would like to book on to one of our classes please contact us and we will be happy to help.



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Sewing Classes- Sewing with Jersey

On Tuesday 29th September we had the second part of our sewing with stretch fabric class and during the class, pupils were given the chance to complete a stretchy top in 2 1/2 hours.

The class was taken by our regular tutor Lynn Horniblow, who produced a pattern for each of us to use. Our class numbers are usually small to enable a lot of personal tuition but with the garment classes we keep the numbers to 4 because there are more skills to master. The class was also attended by 2 staff members as we believe these classes are a really good way for them to brush up on their sewing skills in order to help and advise our customers.

DSC_3980 DSC_3985 DSC_3983 DSC_3987 DSC_3988 DSC_3992 DSC_3990We started by laying out and then cutting the fabric pieces and in doing this we learnt more about what the markings on the pattern pieces mean and why they are so important to the finished fit as well as how to measure and pin accurately along the grainline. Of course some of us still forgot to leave the points and happily chopped our way around the pattern!

Did you think you needed an overlocker to obtain a professional finish? So did we until Lynn showed us a clever trick on each of our different machines that does exactly the same job.  The only extra thing that you have to do is the trimming afterwards.






Sewing with stretch isn’t as scary as you might first think, as long as you know which stitch to use on your machine it becomes a great fabric to sew with. The great thing that we all learnt on this class, was learning which stitch to use and how to move the fabric though the machine without pulling






Everyone left the class feeling really happy, with a garment almost complete along with instructions on how to finish off and most importantly knowledge of how to sew with a jersey fabric.

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Stretchy Sewing

On Tuesday night we had our first sewing class of the term which was a new sewing class to us,  learn to sew stretch. Within the class the pupils were to make a pair of stretch leggings out of jersey or a spandex blend. Everyone was so excited about this class, as so many people struggle with sewing with stretchy fabric but everyone went away happy and with their completed garments.

Next week we will be running our second new sewing class of the term “How to sew stretch- Tank top” which will show different techniques you will need to sew stretchy fabrics. With this class the pupils will leave with a home made tank top and the knowledge to made another one in the future. If you are interested in learning how to stretchy fabrics and want to do our class why not contact us and see if we have any spaces.

We offer a wide range of sewing classes at Livingstone Textiles ranging from garment making classes to dressmaking techniques and home furnishing sewing classes, ranging from cushions to curtains.

If you are interested in doing one of our sewing classes why not contact us and we will be happy to go though the different options available to you.

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Dressmaking Techniques- Buttonholes and Fastenings

Within this 2 hour class you will learn how to put in a button hole correctly, you will be shown different ways of fitting one both with a machine and hand sewing.You will also learn how to overcome any problems that you may encounter.

Class requirements will be given on class booking.

Duration: 2 hours
Date: Tuesday 13th October 2015
Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Cost: £20.00
Tutor: Lynn Horniblow

If you are interested in this class why not have a look at our other dressmaking techniques classes,






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How to Make Leggings

Within this class you will have the opportunity to make a pair of stretch leggings. This is the first part of two classes but each class can work independently as different skills are learnt in both. You will learn how best to cut and sew the stretch fabrics to it fits and hangs right.
This will give you the knowledge and skill to create your own garments with stretch fabric independently.

Class requirements will be given nearer the time of the class.

Duration: 2.5 hours
Time: 6.30pm – 9.00pm
Price: £30.00
Dates; Tuesday 22 September 2015
Tutor: Lynn Horniblow

If you are interested in this sewing class why not have a look into other garment classes we run,

Waist Coat

Tank Top


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How To Make A Tank Top

Within this class you will have the opportunity to make a simple tank top this is a follow on class from sewing with stretch fabrics part 1 leggings but you do not have to have completed that class to join this one. You will learn different skills from part 1. You will learn how best to cut and sew the stretch fabrics to it fits and hangs right.
This will give you the knowledge and skill to create your own garments with stretch fabric independently.

Duration: 2.5 hours
Time: 6.30pm – 9.00pm
Price: £30.00
Dates; Tuesday 22 September 2015
Tutor: Lynn Horniblow
Max: 4 people

If you are interested in this sewing class why not have a look in to our other garment sewing classes,

Leggings and  Waist Coat

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Waist Coat

Learn how to make a long ladies waist coat on this two part DSC_3585evening class, where at the end you will take home a waist coat that you have have made from the very beginning from cutting out, fitting and then sewing together.
With doing this class you will learn techniques that you can use when making other garments.
This class is not for beginners and you must have some knowledge of the sewing machine and basic stitches. This would make a perfect follow on class from our dressmaking techniques series.
If you are unsure if this class is for you please ask a member of staff and we will be happy to advise you.
For the first night you will not be required to bring you sewing machine but you will need it for the second and all its feet and sewing machine book.

Class requirements,

  • 1 Meter of main fabric ( drill, heavy cotton, denim, no stretch fabrics)
  • 0.5 Meters of contrast cotton fabric (same weight or lighter eg. cotton poplin)
  • Hand sewing kit with dressmaking scissors
  • No sewing machine is required for the first night, but will be required for second evening.

Duration: 4 hours over 2 nights
Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Price: £50.00
Tutor: Lynn Horniblow