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Will snow affect us?

Due to the very cold weather and the threat of snow coming in, there is a possibility that this may affect the opening of our Yeovil shop…. that is if the white stuff falls and settles! If this is the case, or you are unsure, then we recommend that you phone the Yeovil shop on 01935 422631 before setting out to ensure that we are open and that you don’t waste a journey.

Our Bridport shop should remain unaffected, however, if the weather is really bad then please do feel free to call 01308 456844 to ensure we are open.

Keep warm and wrapped up everyone!

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Far From The Madding Crowd

At Livingstone Textiles Bridport we are extremely fortunate to live amongst some of the most beautiful scenery in the British Isles.  As well as fast becoming a very popular  holiday and tourism destination with its crumbling Jurrasic coastline, the West Dorset landscape is increasingly seen in documentaries, television series’ and as an area in which to make evocative films.

For many of us nothing beats a good traditional costume drama and in the newest screen version of the Dorset Author Thomas Hardys’ beautiful novel, Far From The Madding Crowd, the stunning countryside around Bridport is portrayed with all of its rural charm.   While the filming was taking place from various locations around the town and surrounding villages, one film crew pitched camp behind Livingstones and we frequently supplied ribbons, haberdashery, elastic, buttons and various pieces of cloth to the costume department who would regularly pop in to top up their own supplies.


Inspired?  Why not host a unique Regency Ball Party?  West Dorset has a wealth of beautiful village halls for hire at ridiculously cheap rates and there is a beautiful Regency inspired venue at The Bull Hotel in the town complete with its own Ballroom.  Local Folk Bands can perform live music for you at really competitive rates and most can arrange a local caller to teach very simple Playford Dance.   For a birthday or wedding, this could be a beautifully immersive experience and at Livingstones we can supply you with authentically styled patterns to sew your own gowns as well as an array of luxury patterns and plains for waistcoats, dress shirts, petticoats and bonnets.  Remeber to ask us about joining our pattern club as well to get free patterns and great price offers unavailable online.


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Tools For Self Reliance

You may already be aware of the sewing machine repairs and maintenance servicing that we offer our customers to help them keep their machines in tip top condition but you may not be aware of what might happen to your machine when its past its best and you decide that its not worth throwing any money at.  Many of our customers leave their old machines with us when they’re done with them and we’re very proud to support communities in Africa to help reduce poverty by working with Tools For Self Reliance.

This marvelous organistaion works to enpower communities by providing tools and the training they need in order to earn a living and create a positive impact within their communites.  All of your unwanted and broken sewing machines and overlockers are collected by one of their volunteer tool collectors when we have a little herd of them.  All of the serviceable parts are then used for refurbishing or repairing other machines by even more volunteers in the UK before being sent out to places like Ghana, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Zambia as well as many more.  Once the machines are out in Africa, they are used by people like Uma Jalloh as she trains as a tailor and learns the skills that she needs to contribute to her brothers household.  Uma escaped an arranged marriage at 14 and had never been to school until she got involved with TFSR.  You can read her story and others here. 


Livingstone Textiles has worked closely with Tools for Self Reliance in Southampton for many years now.  If you would like to get involved with volunteering, you can find out more here  You could also share this page to your Facebook Feed and help us to raise their profile in the UK.  Alternatively, just hand in your old and broken machines and we’ll make sure they get into hands that will really put them to good use.

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Fabric Dolls



There are some beautiful books in the fabric shop at Livingstone Textiles, Bridport.  These are some of our favourite doll making books because they are fanciful and appealing to all age groups.




We also stock a helpful bit of kit for dollmakers called a doll needle.  This very long needle is great for attaching limbs, hair and facial features as you can pass the fine needle throught the fabrics without distortion.  Pop in to the shop and browse our books if you’d like some inspiration for a new project.  We stock kapok stuffing, calico, organzas and beautiful buttons for you to style your dream doll.











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The Bridport Wassail

In the town of Bridport in West Dorset we have a community orchard that was begun in 2009 with the planting of 23 half standard apple trees as part of the Symondsbury Apple Project.  In February 2010 this was added to and there are now 58 fruit trees in total, including some old and rare varieties that have stood the test of time.  All the trees and the green spaces surrounding them are carefully tended by a group of local volunteers.  The Community Orchard is a public space for everyone to enjoy and lies just behind St Marys church off South Street in St Marys Field.  It regularly holds community events that have a traditional theme, often with the imbibing of good local Cider from West Milton Cider Company.  Around the 18th of January each year a custom known as a Wassail has been revived in the orchard which involves much merriment, mulled cider and hot apple juice.

view from Church tower(photo Sheila Hawkins)



Wassail gets its name from an Old English greeting “waes hael“, meaning “be well”. Said to be a Saxon custom where at the start of each year, the lord of the manor would shout ‘waes hael’ and the assembled crowd would reply ‘drinc hael‘, meaning ‘drink and be healthy’.

A Wassail Bowl is a great thing, a vessel of carved wood or pottery featuring many handles for shared drinking, it is passed around an orchard amidst singing and shouting and was especially popular in the cider producing counties of the Southwest, primarily Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset.

Wassailing is a traditional ceremony where in the depths of winter, apple tress are sung to and blessed on the eve of twelfth night in anticipation of a heavy yield the following autumn.  It normally takes place at night where a Wassail king or queen will lead a procession around the orchard singing loudly and making much noise.  The king or queen is then lifted into a tree where he or she will hang toast from the wassail bowl that has been soaked in a hot brew of mead, ale, honey and spices of cinnamon, ginger and roasted crab apples from the previous years crop.  The assembled crowd will then shout, yell and bang pans and a shotgun is usually fired into the trees to frighten away evil spirits that would otherwise spoil the crop.  The king or queen will then go to the oldest tree in the orchard which harbours the oldest spirit and pour some of the mead around the base of the tree as an offering of respect.  The fertility of the entire orchard is said to reside in this spirit, known as the Apple Tree Man in Somerset.  It is then customary to sing the wassail song:

Its our Wassail, jolly Wassail, joy come too our jolly Wassail.

How well the May bloom, how well the May bear, so we may have apples and cider next year
Hats full, caps full,
Three bushel bags full, and little heaps under the stairs
Hip Hip……HURRAH!

The Carhampton Wssail, one of the oldest in the country

In Bridport, our own local troupe of morris dancers will be entertaining the crowds at the Bridport Wassail on Sunday the 21st January from 3pm onwards with traditional folk music and morris dancing with sticks and hankies.  Livingstone Textiles are proud to supply Wyld Morris with the bells, ribbons and tatter coat fabrics required for their kit.

Wyld Morris are based at Monkton Wyld Court at the sustainable living community to which they contribute towards funding in return for a practice space in their beautiful pine hall on Wednesday evenings.

Wassailing and family fun at Bridport Community Orchard

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Gift vouchers


Livingstones very own gift vouchers make a great gift for the creative person in your life, and make a fantastic partner to one of our range of sewing and craft books. Give the gift of a creative New Year!

Our gift vouchers are available to buy from £10 to £50 in value from Livingstone Textiles, are valid for one year, and can be bought in Bridport and Yeovil, to spend in either shop.


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Knit and Natter Group

The Knit and Natter Group is a fun and friendly group for those who enjoy knitting and crochet, or for those who would simply love to learn how it’s done!


It is held every Wednesday between 10am and 12pm, at our Yeovil shop. The group is for absolutely anyone, whether you have been knitting or crocheting (maybe even both) for years, or whether you would like to begin learning these crafts. Here you can gather together with other crafty people to share tips and ideas, whilst having a good chat and working on your latest knitting or crochet projects. To keep you all knitting and nattering, refreshments; including tea, coffee and biscuits are also provided.

The group only costs £1 and is a walk-in group, so there is no need to book a place, you can just turn up on the day and join in.

This is a great place to learn more about knitting or crochet from the other members and build on your current skills, it is also an opportunity to share your knowledge with others and exchange tips. A few members have started the group as beginners and worked on smaller projects such as clothes or accessories for babies, by doing this and building up the basics, with help from the other members, they are now able to begin larger projects.

At Livingstones Textiles, Yeovil we stock a variety of yarns in many colours and compositions. We also stock needles, crochet hooks and other knitting and crochet supplies, along with many pattern books so there is lots to choose from and lots to inspire you for your next project, however big or small!




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Books make great gifts!


Take a look at our range of books next time you are in the shop; you’ll find something for all the stitchers in your life, perfect for presents at Christmas or for yourself at any time!

You’ll find we’ve got books on sewing techniques aimed at every skill level, from total beginner, to expert in search of a new challenge or skill set. We’ve also got plenty of books full of ideas to get children into sewing.

If you’d like to explore a new craft using our gorgeous fabrics, and want information and inspiration, then we have a fantastic range of books – come and browse!


Whether it’s ideas for a simple project like bunting or christmas decorations, or something more advanced like quilting or upholstery,we’ve got the books to take you, or your nearest and dearest, further!

Don’t forget that Livingstones also do gift vouchers that can be bought (and spent) in either of our two shops; these are in several denominations, are valid for a whole year – and are the perfect accompaniment for that book you’ve just bought!

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Christmas Craft Kits

Felt craft kits

In our Yeovil store we have a lovely range of felt Christmas craft kits for you to choose from. These include felt Christmas tree decorations and felt Christmas cushion covers.

The felt kits include everything you will need to make your chosen project, from the needle and thread to the ribbon and bells, all along with helpful instructions. They are perfect for adding a handmade touch to your Christmas tree or sofa and would be great to make as a small project with children.

The range of kits we have available are:

  • Santa Claus tree decoration
  • Gingerbread man tree decoration
  • Santa’s reindeer tree decoration
  • Christmas tree cushion
  • Gingerbread man cushion
  • Reindeer cushion







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Advent calendar kits

We have collected up all the ingredients you need to make one of our advent calendars in one easy kit.

Our advent calendar kits include the materials and instructions you will need to sew your own advent calendar all you need to add is the thread. These kits come in a choice of two colours and will add that extra festive touch to your home in the countdown to Christmas.

The cheerful festive design and the good-sized pockets make them both pretty and practical, so you can choose from a variety of things to stock them up with for a surprise each day.

The advent calendars can also be purchased as just the panel of fabric with the advent calendar design on if instead, you would like to add all of your own personal touches to the finished calendar.

Hurry into Livingstone Textiles Bridport or Livingstone Textiles Yeovil to get yours before the countdown to Christmas begins!


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Morris Dancing in Dorset and Devon

Morris dancerOver the summer evenings you may have happened upon an old English Tradition outside of a traditional English pub. Morris Dancing has enjoyed a bit of a revival in recent years and is very much alive and well in West Dorset.  During the summer Bridport was very proud to showcase its own Folk Festival ( which featured fabulous traditional folklore and music from the British Isles as well as a wealth of national Morris Dancers.

The earliest known mention of English Morris Dancing dates back to 1448 and relates to the payment of seven shillings to Morris Dancers by the Goldsmiths Company in London. The term Morris probably relates to the exotic nature of the dance and its origins as a colorful ‘Moorish’ or Moresque’ dance style that spread across Europe as a fashion and probably entered our vocabulary via Dutch, German and French influences because they also have a very similar word for it.

source: Wikimedia

A small statue of a “Moriskentänzer” made by Erasmus Grasser in 1480 for Old Townhall in Munich, one of a set of 16, of which only 10 remain. This dancer has an appearance which would be described at the time as “moorish”, but all the other nine surviving carvings are fairer-skinned. All wear bells on their legs. (Wikipedia)

The earliest records we have of Morris Dancing are of it being performed in a court setting and at the Lord Mayors Processions in London. By this time it had taken on the nature of a folk dance and performances were enjoyed in parishes across the land. Morris Dancing continued in this manner until war broke out and our men and boys were lost or maimed probably  leading to the demise of the dancing over the next generation.

In England we now have several ‘traditions’ of dance that were collected by Cecil Sharpe and his assistants Mary Neal and Maud Karpeles.  Cecil founded the English Folk Dance Society in 1911 and over his lifetime collected over 500 dances and nearly 5000 folk songs, the first of which he saw was ‘Laudanam Bunches’ in Headington, Oxfordshire performed by Headington gone Quarry Morris Men. This became known as the Cotswold Tradition and is danced all over the country, we even have a Cotswold team of dancers local to Bridport called ‘Wyld Morris’.

Morris dancer costumeThis team, or ‘side’ wear a colourful kit to dance in, made up of light brown trousers and a white shirt. Like other sides, they wear bells on their legs attached to leather bell pads that are decorated with pieces of coloured ribbon. They also wear ribbons on armbands as well as sporting ‘Baldricks’, traditional weapon belts worn over the shoulder, usually just one  but many morris dancers wear a pair joined in the centre by a badge in team colours. Wyld Morris members also wear a hat trimmed with ribbons, buttons stand, badges and flowers both artificial and natural and buy virtually all their kit from us at Livingstone Textiles. We have also supplied kit items to Uplyme Morris and many visiting Morris Dancers on holiday in the area. If you fancy giving this fun hobby a go and also enjoy beer, and/or can play a folk instrument, Wyld Morris ( are are running a taster session at Monkton Wyld Court next Wednesday evening, 15th November 2017, in the Pine Hall starting at 7.30 and would love to see you there.

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Juki Sewing Machines in Stock

juki sewing machineAre you looking for a great quality sewing machine at an excellent price for yourself or to give as a present? We think this Juki machine fits the bill perfectly.

Some machines today come with a bewildering array of stitches, but here we are keeping it simple. This machine covers all the basics you need when starting out, or for dressmaking or home furnishing. It has straight and zig-zag stitches as well as a blind hem stitch. It can also handle buttonholes with an automatic stitch to make them easy. The reverse stitch lever is nice and chunky and easily accessible on the front of the machine.

The machine has a bright led long-life light and an automatic needle threader to make setting up to sew extra easy. There is an accessory storage box within the extension table, and you can slide this off to allow for free arm sewing on smaller areas such as cuffs and armholes.

You may already know about the WEEE – Waste Electronic & Electrical Equipment Directive which is now law in the UK. This directive means that you can return waste electrical equipment to the retailer when you purchase a new item. So that means we will take your old machine off your hands on purchase of a new Juki machine. tsr logoEven better is the fact that these old machines are not sent to landfill. We work with the charity Tools for Self Reliance, who collect the old sewing machines from us. Any which can be repaired or are in working order are sent to be used in Africa to alleviate poverty, with training given to people setting up businesses using the machines. Any machines beyond repair are used for spares so they do not go to waste.

If you need any help with tips or techniques for dressmaking or how to use a sewing machines, you can check out our wonderful range of sewing and craft books, with everything from a basic sewing machine guide through to detailed quilting projects. The sewing machines also come with a DVD showing you how to use the machine.

This machine is an excellent price at £125 and will cover all your basic sewing needs. Call in to our Bridport or Yeovil shops to take a look or purchase.

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Bridport Hat Festival

Underwater hatIt’s that time of year again when Bridport goes a bit crazy for hats.

This is the 8th Hat Festival and promises to be another exciting event in the town featuring handmade hats, obsure hats, posh hats, caps, boaters and bonnets.

You can try your hand at millinery by attending one of the courses in the town or you can get yourself involved with the children and make your own wacky hats and fascinators.  A couple of years ago, Megan made this incredible aquarium hat out of net and fabrics from Livingstone Textiles and assembled them on an upside down lampshade.

2011_mass_hat1 Bridport is absolutely buzzing on Hat Festival day as hundreds of people turn out in their creations and parade the streets .  We have a wide range of fabrics that can be used to make a hat, cap or bonnet from scratch.  You could try making a sparkly creation from sequin fabrics and embellishing with shiny ribbons and trims or how about something in glamourous velvet to mark the occasion, trimmed in stunning black ravens feathers that we are now selling as a trim.  Easily sewn in place along the bound edge, your project could be a prizewinning showstopper.  We have hessian as well that you could fix up into a crazy scarecrow hat with some fabric flowers sewn into place or how about adding some decorations to a traditional straw boater?  Bridport is home to the nations oldest butchers and with a string of hand sewn sausages made from our brown felt and placed on the hat, worn together with a striped apron and you’ll look surely look the part.  Lets not forget the recent visit by the circus to Bridport town, you could make a fabulous clowns hat.  Anyone remember the visit to Livingstone Textiles by the clown last summer?  My goodness, what a funny fellow he was coming booming up the stairs with his giant shoes and megaphone!  We also recently hosted the first Bridport Folk Festival and the town came alive to the sounds of the morris dancers, many of whom wear really striking hats to dance in.

20933811_1898990463684058_3500334233960282358_o Credit to Dorsetbays photography for this lovely shot of Fetus Derriman, a morris team from Weymouth sporting colourfully decorated hats at a recent event.

Don’t forget, we also stock many widths of round hat elastic to hold everything in place while you enjoy the day.  Pop in the shop at the bottom of the Waitrose car park, Bridport to purchase.

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Circle Tabling

tablingWe always get asked to do some interesting and challenging projects at Livingstone Textiles and a couple of weeks ago our Yeovil Shop had a big order for 96 meters of plastic tabling.  These were to be made into circular tablecloths for the Octagon Theatres Gin Festival at Westlands.  It was requested that we cut out 40 semi circles out of the cloth which if you can imagine was no easy task.  Tom and another member of staff rose to the challenge and spent a whole day crawling around on the floor cutting fabric and wearing their knees out!  We are so lucky to work in such an interesting environment and where we get to have a creative input using many different skills.  Every day is different here at Livingstone Textiles 🙂

Livingstone Textiles at Yeovil in Somerset and at Bridport in Dorset both stock a wide range of gorgeous plastic and oil cloth tablings starting at the really competitive price of £5.50 per metre.  We are also delighted to offer you a brand new range of Doreen Preston tablings on our state of the art display stand.

For more information on our fabrics and services, please contact us with your details and requirements and we will be happy to help.  We can mail your order direct if you cannot get to our shop and you can also oreder a limited number of our fabrics online.


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Folk Festival 2017

Bridport is known for its ambience and hosts some lively community festivals.   We also have a vibrant music scene in the town, one genre of which is Folk Music and a handful of regular folk music performers have decided to showcase some of the best local talent in Dorset by hosting the First Ever Bridport Folk Festival. What’s more, it’s a Free Festival!!

Folk music, song and dance are part of our rich British culture and it is positively thriving among the young and old alike in the town and deep into the hills of Dorset.  To showcase our heritage, The Bridport Folk Festival will be hosting over 76 acts, more than 50 of these acts are musicians that will be singing and playing at several venues across the weekend of the 11th, 12th and 13th of August.  There will be 3 main stages all within the town centre, one in Bucky Doo, one in The Borough Gardens and the main stage will be on the Millenium Green. All stages are free to enter and any money collected will be shared in half with the RNLI.

Livingstone Textiles are very proud to have supported this event with both sponsorship and materials to build the stage sets and providing a venue large enough for a community sewing bee to stitch the vast quanities of extra wide calico needed for the stage roofs.  The calico that has been used is 3 metres wide from selvedge to selvedge so it’s ideal to use as a lightweight cover in the event of showers and as shade from the sun.  The stages will also be featuring backdrops made from our polycotton plains and draped with our two tone organza and we’ll be featuring pictures of these on the blog after the event.



Folk Festivals are renowned throught the UK and as well as the numerous song, dance and instrument workshops that take place are always the Morris.

Morris dancing can be traced back at least to the time of Shakepeare in our country and it is widely believed that the Moors people brought it here when they settled in this country, hence Moorish/Morris dancing.  This is just one of many different theories but one things for certain, it’s certainly not just for men.  We have some great female and mixed dance teams in Dorset and they can all be seen dancing enthusiastically throughout the summer at West Bay, Bridport, Charmouth, Lyme Regis, Swanage and at many small villages between from May to September.  Livingstone Textiles holds a vast stock of ribbons and bells, threads and fabrics and are suppliers to Bridport’s very own morris team, Wyld Morris, based at Monkton Wyld, Bridport.  They have recently furnished themselves with colourful tatter jackets made from scraps of fabric that we’ve supplied along with their own odds and ends.  Indeed, Livingstones has it’s very own incognito Morris dancer working in one of the shops!








We regularly see the local Morris dancers in our shop getting ribbons, fabric and other habadashery supplies they need from us so we are all very excited about this event.

For more information on the folk festival please visit their website.

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Vegetarian Venison

We thought we’d share this brilliant make with you as it raised a few smiles when Nicky, The Yeovil Store manager showed us what she’d been making from our William Morris ‘The Strawberry Thief’ fabric.

IMG_0225If you’d like to see the Stags Head or ask Nicky how she created it then pop into our Yeovil branch where you can see it displayed in all it’s cruelty free glory 🙂

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QUALITY FOAM for Caravans, Campervans, Camping & Everything Else


You’ve pulled the caravan out of storage, given it a good clean and filled it to the gunnels ready for a good long rest.  You arrive on holiday, unpack and set up then unwind with a few drinks before tucking into bed.  It’s only when you lay down that you remember how uncomfortable the bed is and that you promised yourself you’d get it sorted out before you went away again.  Well don’t panic, if you’ve chosen West Dorset or Somerset as your holiday destination then we can help you get a better nights sleep because we stock a great selection of NHS approved foam and we can cut it to size for you.


We are proud to have supplied many boat owners, caravanners and campers with new foam as well as holiday home owners with saggy sofas. We stock three different quality grades and thicknesses from a quarter inch to five inches thick and you can try them all out in our shop.


We can also order specialist covered wedges of foam that you might need after an operation, for lumber support or even to combat acid reflux and snoring, just contact us for more details and prices.  Don’t delay any longer, you’ve waited all year for your holiday in our beautiful county, we don’t want you to let a bad back ruin it when we can get it sorted.


NB: If you are travelling any distance and will need foam cut while you wait from our BRIDPORT store, please check in advance that we have what you need in stock and we will check there will be someone available to cut for you. Fridays and Saturdays are our busiest days and at these times you may be asked to return later to collect your foam.  Please note that ALL foam from our YEOVIL shop must be requested in advance.

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How to add a blackout lining to curtains – Loose lining tape

Loose lining tape – how to use

Loose lining tape is a brilliant way to add a lining to your curtain fabric without any hard work. It is often used for making a normal curtain into a blackout curtain or for adding interlining to a curtain to make it more draft proof.

Loose lining 10

Your curtain will have a heading tape already attached.



Loose lining 9




Lift up the flap on the loose lining tape and insert your lining.

Loose lining 7




Fold the flap down on the loose lining tape.


Loose lining 5




Sew down the flap of the loose lining tape so that it traps the lining.




Loose lining 12


Take your main curtain and your loose lining. To attach the loose lining to your curtain, loop your curtain hook through the loose lining tape and through your heading tape.


Loose lining 11


Continue to do this until all your hooks are in place. The lining is now attached to your curtain and can easily be removed if required.


Loose lining tape costs 45p per metre

Blackout lining is ideal for children’s bedrooms, blocking out glare from street lights. It can help you get a better nights sleep. Many people think that a blackout lining will be black, but it is the same colour as normal curtain lining – ivory or white.

Blackout lining costs £5.20 per metre

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What is…….an Overlocker?

Owning your first Overlocker is incredibly exciting but it can also be rather daunting.Overlocker technique manual Just learning how to thread the machine can be enough to frighten some owners into leaving it in a cupboard, never to see the light of day, but it doesn’t have to be scary.  This easy to understand book sets out each step of using an overlocker with clear diagrams and plain English.  An overlocker is simply a machine that gives you beautiful and professionally finished seams and edges.  It can be used for hemming, trimming and enclosing seams at the same time and rolled hems.  It can also produce decorative stitches.  An overlocker is a machine for finishing seams and it cuts off excess fabric with a blade that comes up from under the machine.  When threaded with coloured threads to match your project, the seams can be transformed into a decoration and you can even add beads to edges with an attachment.  This book explains everything you need to know and can be bought from Livingstone Textiles, Bridport.

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Offer is for free poly cotton lining and you can upgrade to blackout, cotton or thermal lining by taking off the poly cotton lining price.DSC_4625


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Follow us on Pinterest… The worlds catalogue of Ideas

We have so many things to show you, why not take a look at our Pinterest page and follow all of our ideas, makes and new fabrics. You can pin any of our images to your own boards to start creating your own styles and hobbies. It’s just a digital noticeboard and so easy to use and you can find all our tutorials on there as well.  Below are some of the pictures you’ll find on Pinterest, click here to visit our boards
win_20161217_15_45_48_prodsc_5217WIN_20170104_15_38_13_Pro2016-04-01 16.05.512016-02-13 13.57.132016-03-12 13.29.35DSC_4705

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Doggy Bag

This great bag has been made by Bev Taylor, one of our loyal customers.
It features strips of vinyl on the base and sides for increased durability and features pieces of our dog fabric, available to but in strips or by the metre.

There are 9 breeds on the fabric and the squares are repeated three times on a strip so you get loads of dogs to play with!WIN_20170211_12_24_14_ProHer bag is fully reversible as well and features a zipped security compartment and lots of handy pockets for doggy treats and poop bags. Contact us at if you’d like to commission one and we’ll put you in touch.

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What Is Curtain Bump?

Cold weather means higher heating costs.  To keep these costs down a bit, why not have your new curtains made with interlining?  Even double glazed windows tend to have cold air circulating them that can create uncomfortable draughts.

Traditionally called ‘Bump’, interlining can stop cold air from entering the room when the curtains or blinds are drawn because it is a dense layer that sits between the show cloth and the curtain lining. We provide two different weights, lightweight for a thin warm layer and heavy weight for a thicker, more luxurious finish.  Adding bump to both Roman Blinds and curtains make them fuller at the window as well acting as an insulator.  It’s certainly a much cheaper option than replacement windows.

Our polyester curtain bump is £3.30 per metre for lightweight and £5.70 for heavyweight.  The natural cotton bump is £4.50 per metre and the heavyweight is £5.90 per metre.  All are 54″/140cm wide and available from both of our shops, as well as by telephone order (01308 456844) and our online shop.

Polyester Curtain Interlining Lightweight

Lightweight polyester

Lightweight Cotton

Heavyweight Cotton

Heavyweight Polyester

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Moses Basket

We think our makers at Livingstone Textiles are very talented people, they can take our fabrics and make the most beautiful things, whether it’s turning the fabrics into a beautiful pair of curtains, roman blind or cushions. They can also make things that are a little bit special. This moses basket has been transformed into a beautiful white fresh looking bed for a special baby. We can cut new foam for the mattress, and add new wadding to the sides and we have a range of fabrics that you can choose from.


If you have something that you would like upholstered, recovered, remade or would like something completely new out of one of our fabrics then ask a member of our team and we can see if we can help.