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Dolls clothing

This is Barbra, the doll, she belongs to Bev Taylor of Taylor Made who is one of our regular customers. Barbra has popped into visit us to show off her great new outfit which has been made for her by Bev using our fabrics and trims.

She has used mainly 100% cotton fabric, which is the red with cream leaf/ floral design that you can see, this particular fabric we have in stock in many different colour ways. She has also included red fleece on the bonnet which can be bought online here or you can visit one of our shops to purchase, again we have this fabric in a range of colours. The trims used around the edges of the dress are also in stock, why not have a quick look at our range here, we also have plenty more designs in stock for every occasion. To finish this garment off Bev has used our 3D ribbon roses, follow this link to have a look at our range.

Why not have a go at making your own dolls clothing, this would be great for a small project to keep you busy and indoors during this cold weather!

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Classic Corduroys

Our selection of corduroy fabrics in a range of fun colours and designs is enough to get anyone inspired to sew, giving you endless options for your corduroy project. All of our corduroys are 100% cotton, is known for being warm and hard wearing which is perfect for this chilly weather, we have a range of different sized wales (sizes between the ridges) including needle cords.

DSC_1734One of our regular customers has been busy making this fabulous, yet simple dress, from our teal cord and has worn it into the Bridport shop to show off her hard work!

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Halloween Fabrics



Pop in to our magnificent fancy dress section at Livingstone Textiles.  In both our Yeovil and Bridport shops we have a great selection of cobwebby, spooky and sparkly fabrics as well as fur, all ready to turn you into the scariest werewolf or witch in town.


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Bridport Hat Festival

Underwater hatIt’s that time of year again when Bridport goes a bit crazy for hats.

This is the 8th Hat Festival and promises to be another exciting event in the town featuring handmade hats, obsure hats, posh hats, caps, boaters and bonnets.

You can try your hand at millinery by attending one of the courses in the town or you can get yourself involved with the children and make your own wacky hats and fascinators.  A couple of years ago, Megan made this incredible aquarium hat out of net and fabrics from Livingstone Textiles and assembled them on an upside down lampshade.

2011_mass_hat1 Bridport is absolutely buzzing on Hat Festival day as hundreds of people turn out in their creations and parade the streets .  We have a wide range of fabrics that can be used to make a hat, cap or bonnet from scratch.  You could try making a sparkly creation from sequin fabrics and embellishing with shiny ribbons and trims or how about something in glamourous velvet to mark the occasion, trimmed in stunning black ravens feathers that we are now selling as a trim.  Easily sewn in place along the bound edge, your project could be a prizewinning showstopper.  We have hessian as well that you could fix up into a crazy scarecrow hat with some fabric flowers sewn into place or how about adding some decorations to a traditional straw boater?  Bridport is home to the nations oldest butchers and with a string of hand sewn sausages made from our brown felt and placed on the hat, worn together with a striped apron and you’ll look surely look the part.  Lets not forget the recent visit by the circus to Bridport town, you could make a fabulous clowns hat.  Anyone remember the visit to Livingstone Textiles by the clown last summer?  My goodness, what a funny fellow he was coming booming up the stairs with his giant shoes and megaphone!  We also recently hosted the first Bridport Folk Festival and the town came alive to the sounds of the morris dancers, many of whom wear really striking hats to dance in.

20933811_1898990463684058_3500334233960282358_o Credit to Dorsetbays photography for this lovely shot of Fetus Derriman, a morris team from Weymouth sporting colourfully decorated hats at a recent event.

Don’t forget, we also stock many widths of round hat elastic to hold everything in place while you enjoy the day.  Pop in the shop at the bottom of the Waitrose car park, Bridport to purchase.

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Circle Tabling

tablingWe always get asked to do some interesting and challenging projects at Livingstone Textiles and a couple of weeks ago our Yeovil Shop had a big order for 96 meters of plastic tabling.  These were to be made into circular tablecloths for the Octagon Theatres Gin Festival at Westlands.  It was requested that we cut out 40 semi circles out of the cloth which if you can imagine was no easy task.  Tom and another member of staff rose to the challenge and spent a whole day crawling around on the floor cutting fabric and wearing their knees out!  We are so lucky to work in such an interesting environment and where we get to have a creative input using many different skills.  Every day is different here at Livingstone Textiles 🙂

Livingstone Textiles at Yeovil in Somerset and at Bridport in Dorset both stock a wide range of gorgeous plastic and oil cloth tablings starting at the really competitive price of £5.50 per metre.  We are also delighted to offer you a brand new range of Doreen Preston tablings on our state of the art display stand.

For more information on our fabrics and services, please contact us with your details and requirements and we will be happy to help.  We can mail your order direct if you cannot get to our shop and you can also oreder a limited number of our fabrics online.


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Folk Festival 2017

Bridport is known for its ambience and hosts some lively community festivals.   We also have a vibrant music scene in the town, one genre of which is Folk Music and a handful of regular folk music performers have decided to showcase some of the best local talent in Dorset by hosting the First Ever Bridport Folk Festival. What’s more, it’s a Free Festival!!

Folk music, song and dance are part of our rich British culture and it is positively thriving among the young and old alike in the town and deep into the hills of Dorset.  To showcase our heritage, The Bridport Folk Festival will be hosting over 76 acts, more than 50 of these acts are musicians that will be singing and playing at several venues across the weekend of the 11th, 12th and 13th of August.  There will be 3 main stages all within the town centre, one in Bucky Doo, one in The Borough Gardens and the main stage will be on the Millenium Green. All stages are free to enter and any money collected will be shared in half with the RNLI.

Livingstone Textiles are very proud to have supported this event with both sponsorship and materials to build the stage sets and providing a venue large enough for a community sewing bee to stitch the vast quanities of extra wide calico needed for the stage roofs.  The calico that has been used is 3 metres wide from selvedge to selvedge so it’s ideal to use as a lightweight cover in the event of showers and as shade from the sun.  The stages will also be featuring backdrops made from our polycotton plains and draped with our two tone organza and we’ll be featuring pictures of these on the blog after the event.



Folk Festivals are renowned throught the UK and as well as the numerous song, dance and instrument workshops that take place are always the Morris.

Morris dancing can be traced back at least to the time of Shakepeare in our country and it is widely believed that the Moors people brought it here when they settled in this country, hence Moorish/Morris dancing.  This is just one of many different theories but one things for certain, it’s certainly not just for men.  We have some great female and mixed dance teams in Dorset and they can all be seen dancing enthusiastically throughout the summer at West Bay, Bridport, Charmouth, Lyme Regis, Swanage and at many small villages between from May to September.  Livingstone Textiles holds a vast stock of ribbons and bells, threads and fabrics and are suppliers to Bridport’s very own morris team, Wyld Morris, based at Monkton Wyld, Bridport.  They have recently furnished themselves with colourful tatter jackets made from scraps of fabric that we’ve supplied along with their own odds and ends.  Indeed, Livingstones has it’s very own incognito Morris dancer working in one of the shops!








We regularly see the local Morris dancers in our shop getting ribbons, fabric and other habadashery supplies they need from us so we are all very excited about this event.

For more information on the folk festival please visit their website.

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Hessian Bunting

Bunting is something that we love to make and use to decorate our shop and we use it to show our customers all kinds of gorgeous colour combinations.  This week got to thinking about weddings, garden parties, rustic outdoor events and food fairs in our beautiful Dorset countryside and what could look any more rural than hessian?WIN_20170422_14_47_13_Pro

This idea is so simple to do that we thought we’d share it with you.  We cut out some triangles of hessian and zig zagged the edges to stop the fabric from fraying and then we simply spaced out the flags and stitched them onto a few metres of our cluny lace.  Of course,  you can always upcycle some old coffee sacks if you can lay your hands on them but if not, pop in and check out our different grades of hessian as they also look brilliant as trestle tablecloths finished with pure white cotton runners.In our beautiful listed mill building, we think hessian works very well with the prominent industrial elements on show.


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Featured Fabrics- Stripes and Seagulls

Summertime stripes are our featured fabrics this month and these are our favourite range.

The ramake design is part of our stock line and is something we always have in. They are a fabulaus design that work as curtians and blinds. They have a very high maridale rub test so would be perfect for upholistery and cushions. We have this fabric in a range of different colours that would fit in with most other colours. 2016-02-04 17.30.40

These lovely summertime cool blue remake fabrics would work beautifully with the sketchy seagull design on this fabulous fabric. We love contrasting fabrics together as in doing this it can inhance a particual colour in the fabric on in the room setting it is going.  These too would partlcally well as the linen coloured background picks out the lined coloured stripe. The prestigous seagull and seaside fabrics would also look complament this fabric range.


All of these fabrics are avaialbe on our webshop and our shop in Bridport Dorset. If you wouldl like a sample of any fabrics that have been featured on this website please do contact us and we will be happy to help.






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Waterproof Fabric New Colours Arrived

Water resistant fabric red and blueThis lightweight water resistant fabric is proving really versatile and popular. It’s easy to sew and has a nice finish which is not ‘plasticky’, making it perfect for outdoor cushions. We’ve added a couple of new colours to our range, this really seasidey red and blue stripe, and a lovely subtle purple pastel stripe. To see the full range or request a sample, just click on the webshop button below.Pastel lightweight canvas
Buy online via our Webshop






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More New Books!

We posted a few weeks ago about how we were excited to venture into the retail of Sewing Book Standsewing books. These have been so popular that we decided to invest into some new titles. These range from bag making, using felt, using your sewing machine to a book on overlockers and many more titles.
So pop over to our shop in Bridport and have a look at our fabrics and our new books – you might be inspired to take on a new project.
If there are ever any other craft books you are interested in looking at, do ask us as we will be happy to see whether we are able to get hold of them.

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Brilliant Big Bean Bag

Another piece of customer inspiration for you today – this fabulous bean bag! In this case the customer had an existing large bean bag but it had no separate cover so was impossible to clean. They chose this stunning Clarke & Clarke fabric and our seamstresses made up a new cover, leaving the old cover to become the bean bag liner. We think you’ll agree the result is amazing!




You could also make an outdoor bean bag using our range of new waterproof outdoor fabrics.  Available in various patterns and plain colours, there is sure to be something to fit in with your outdoor colour scheme.Heavy Poly Wproof All

Bean Bag Filling

As well as being able to supply some great fabrics for bean bag covers and a bean bag liner (such as calico) we also stock the polystyrene beads for the bean bag filling. You can refill your bean bag or top up your existing bean bag filling, with small bags of bean bag beans starting at only £6

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Deckchair Fabric

Being so near to the seaside, the early signs of spring make us think of sitting on the sand with an ice cream and what better way to do it than in a good old-fashioned deck chair! If yours has seen better days, you can easily revamp it with our specific canvas deckchair fabric.  We also sell packets of decorative upholstery nails to complete the transformation.

We have seven colourways in stock – plain green, blue & red, blue with a turquoise stripe, red and cream stripe, bright stripe and pastel stripe. All the fabrics are 17″/43cm wide to fit a standard deckchair and can also be used to repair directors and other folding chairs. To replace the fabric on a standard deckchair you will need approximately 1.5 metres of fabric.  Choose from the options below and get ready for the sun.

Buy online via our WebshopDeckchair canvas by the metre
Deckchair canvas pack with upholstery nails

Deckchair all (Medium)

If you would like to buy deckchair material by mail order, contact us by email or phone us on 01308 456844 with your requirements. Or you can simply call in to the shop and get ready for summer!

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Herringbone Tape

2016-01-30 14.46.48 Whether you are giving a makeover and repairs to an old one or creating a new one from scratch, Herringbone Tape is a strong, durable strapping that will give your bag some fabulous new handles. This soft acrylic tape is sometimes referred to as webbing and is also known as Horse Blanket Binding.

At Livingstone Textiles we stock it in two sizes, (1″ & 1.5″ ) and we have an array of colours to match in with all of your projects.

Wide herringbone tape is suitable as an alternative to bias binding and can also be use to make apron ties.


2016-01-30 14.53.26We also have some lovely pastel shades available in the 1″ width that would make a pretty trim on any garment.  It also looks really effective as a bunting tape, just pick the one that best suits your colour scheme.  This is currently unavailable in our online shop but we can send you colour samples and put a mail order together when you contact us here.











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Chinese Dragon Fabric

Chinese Dragon 002Chinese New Year, also called Spring Festival will fall on February 8th 2016 and, according to the Chinese Zodiac it will mark the beginning of the year of the Monkey.  A similar celebration to the Western Christmas Festival, it is the grandest and most important to Chinese people and so we thought you would like to see our lovely silky dragon fabric in case you were planning to make your own clothes or decorations.  Its quite a short width and would make a lovely table runner or child’s traditional Manadarin style jacket.

white monkey cuddle fleece

Talking of Monkeys, here is our lovely Monkey fleece.  It’s super soft and great for making into scarves and hats ready for cold winter days, or you could just by a whole metre from our webshop by clicking here and wrap yourself up in it!

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Miss Havishams Christmas Dress

DSC_4427Miss Havisham is getting into the Christmas spirit and is getting all dressed up for a Christmas party. She is wearing a double layered dress made from two of our beautiful fancy dress fabrics. The under-layered dress has been made from a polyester satin which is 150cm/ 60″ wide. This is priced at £3.60 per metre and is only avaialbe to buy in our shop in Bridport or by telephone order.

The top layer of her beautiful dress is made from an organza fabric with a flocked snow flake design. This is 148cm/ 58″ wide and is priced at £2.80 per metre.

DSC_4433Miss Havisham has added a variety of different accessories to her garment. She has firstly added a sequin belt to bring the waist in giving the dress extra shape. The sequin belt s made with a elastic sequin DSC_4434trim which is available in our shop in Bridport Dorset. This is priced at £1.50 per metre and is about 1″ wide. The sequin trim could be used for a range of different thing, from dressmaking, and crafts to hair bands and fancy dress.    DSC_4432

Miss Havisham’s necklace is even a home made accessory from our shop. She has very cleverly taken one of our beautiful big buttons priced at 98p each with some silver cord  to produce a stunning necklace. We stock a massive rage of buttons at our shop in Bridport Dorset.

If you would like more information on anything you have seen on here or samples of the fabric you have seen please contact us with your details and the information you require.



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Baize 001 Baize 002Did you know that we stock Wool Baize at Livingstone Textiles?  If you are a player of Bridge you will probably enjoy your game on a proper card table covered in traditional green baize.  After many years of card games, your table could start to show signs of wear and tear and as they are a costly, often unusual item of furniture to replace, you may want to consider re-covering it yourself.  We have in stock, in our Bridport shop and also now available online here, this hard to come by fabric and if you don’t fancy doing the job yourself, we can get our upholsterer to do it for you, just ring the shop for details on 01308 456844. This lovely soft, green, pure wool is also ideal for lining jewellery or cutlery boxes, recovering writing slopes and desk inlays.

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Sewing Classes- Sewing with Jersey

On Tuesday 29th September we had the second part of our sewing with stretch fabric class and during the class, pupils were given the chance to complete a stretchy top in 2 1/2 hours.

The class was taken by our regular tutor Lynn Horniblow, who produced a pattern for each of us to use. Our class numbers are usually small to enable a lot of personal tuition but with the garment classes we keep the numbers to 4 because there are more skills to master. The class was also attended by 2 staff members as we believe these classes are a really good way for them to brush up on their sewing skills in order to help and advise our customers.

DSC_3980 DSC_3985 DSC_3983 DSC_3987 DSC_3988 DSC_3992 DSC_3990We started by laying out and then cutting the fabric pieces and in doing this we learnt more about what the markings on the pattern pieces mean and why they are so important to the finished fit as well as how to measure and pin accurately along the grainline. Of course some of us still forgot to leave the points and happily chopped our way around the pattern!

Did you think you needed an overlocker to obtain a professional finish? So did we until Lynn showed us a clever trick on each of our different machines that does exactly the same job.  The only extra thing that you have to do is the trimming afterwards.






Sewing with stretch isn’t as scary as you might first think, as long as you know which stitch to use on your machine it becomes a great fabric to sew with. The great thing that we all learnt on this class, was learning which stitch to use and how to move the fabric though the machine without pulling






Everyone left the class feeling really happy, with a garment almost complete along with instructions on how to finish off and most importantly knowledge of how to sew with a jersey fabric.

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Bundles of Festive Fun

xmas fat qtr bundLook what we have made for you!

Gorgeous Christmas Fabric made into bundles of Fat Quarters.

We decided that we have so many fabulous Christmas fabrics in stock that we would put some smaller quantities together in pretty colour combinations to create palettes of colour.  These will all co-ordinate and your projects can be themed according to the bundle you choose.  Because the squares are smaller than our regular cut, we can offer you more choice in each bundle making them brilliant for Christmas crafting and hand made gifts.  Each square measures 22″x18″ and although only currently only available in store, we will be bringing them to our online shop very soon.  xmas rustic fat qtr bund

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Fun Furs

Summer parties? Birthday parties? Fancy Dress? Or just want to entertain the kids over the summer holidays? We have a massive range of fun fur for all these occasions. We have at least 20 different colouDSC_3663rs in our plain fun furs, these are all 150cm/ 60″ wide and range in price from £7.00 to £9.80 depending on quality.

We also have a range of animal effect furs, from a very cute soft lamb effect fur which is 150cm/60″ printed furwide and is priced at £8.90 per metre and some animal printed furs. The printed fur seen here comes in two colourways, black and white zebra effect which is seen here and a brown and tan tiger effect. Theses are both 150cm/60″ wide and are both priced at £11.90 per metre.

The fur mentioned Buy online via our Webshopand seen here are all available to order through our webshop by clicking the “buy now link” – they are also available to buy in our shop in Bridport Dorset.

If you would like a sample of these or any other fabric you have seen on here please contact us with your details and information on the fabric you require and we will be happy to help.


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More Water-resistant Fabrics for Awnings, Windbreaks and Outdoor Uses

LW poly wproof allHere are some more water-resistant fabrics. These are lighter weight than our heavy water-resistant polyester striped fabrics, and so are easier to sew. This makes them especially suitable for outdoor cushions or furniture covers, though they can still be used for awnings, windbreaks, deckchairs and swing seats. LW wproof poly multiThe coating on the rear of the fabric is translucent so you can see the stripes on the reverse of the fabric. We are selling a lot of this fabric for outdoor bunting, especially the colourful multi stripe. It would also make a brilliant shower curtain, and can be used for many craft applications, like making bags or aprons.

Buy online via our WebshopFabric composition : 100% polyster
Fabric width : 135cm/53″
Price : £8.30 per metre

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Water-resistant Canvas Fabric for Outdoor Uses

Heavy Poly Wproof All This new outdoor striped fabric is proving very popular and is suitable for many uses. It does not fray when cut, so can be used for deckchairs, including those with wider frames, directors chairs, swing seats, awnings and windbreaks. It can be sewn into cushions, although it is heavy so will need a robust machine and a jeans needle.

The fabric is patterned on the front and off white on the reverse due to the water-resistant backing.

For the more traditional narrow deckchair canvas, please see details here. For lightweight water-resistant canvas which can be sewn more easily see here.

Buy online via our WebshopFabric Composition : 100% Polyester
Fabric Width : 59″/150cm
Price : £9.00 per metre

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Tabling Fabric with Roses

Floral tabling (Medium)This is a lovely high-quality wipe-clean pvc coated cotton oilcloth tabling with a pretty rose design on a cream background. Combining practicality with good looks, this would look perfect as a tablecloth in a country-style kitchen. The fabric can also be sewn and so could be used to make water-resistant cushions. This fabric does not fray on cutting due to the pvc coating so for tablecloths no hemming is required.

Buy online via our WebshopFabric composition : 100% cotton fabric with matt pvc coating
Fabric width : 134cm/53″
Pattern repeat : 32cm/12.5″
Price per metre : £13.90

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Update Your Net Curtains this Spring – New Sizes Available

Moscow Net CurtainFeel like a fresh look in your house or caravan this spring? Updating your net curtains is a great way to give a brighter look to your room without spending a fortune. Also, many people find as they open their caravans for the season in the spring that they need new caravan net curtains.
We’ve increased the range of sizes available in our newest net curtain designs, Moscow and Stockholm. You can see the full range of net curtains and sizes available on our webshop by clicking on the link or using the Buy Online tab at the top of the page.
If you need any help calculating your requirements, see our handy guide to measuring for net curtains.