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Yarn sale at Livingstones in Yeovil!

Yarn Sale!

Our Yeovil store has a fantastic sale on their Drop yarn for the whole month of May!

come and enjoy 35% off all of the following yarns:

Baby Merino, Big delight, Karisma, Lima, Merino Extrafine, Nepal and Puna.

For an even better knitting bargain, you’ll find all the above patterns and many, many more available to download FREE from the Drop yarn website so get browsing for some inspiration!

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Make an easy Easter Bunny

Rabbit familyThis lovely Easter bunny is really easy to make. We made ours by simply knitting a square with super chunky yarn, available from our Yeovil store, in garter stitch. Our square was made by casting on 30 stitches but you can make yours any size you like. You will want to vary the weight of the yarn if you are making a smaller bunny. Alternatively if you are not a knitter, why not try using the same principle with fabric? How about a hessian bunny for instance? (You can see at the end of the post how this turned out.)

Checking squareSimply knit in garter stitch until your piece is square (you can check by folding into a triangle as shown) then cast off. Now you are going to create your rabbit shape. Fold down cornersFind the middle of the top of your knitting and fold over both corners as shown. this shows where your stitching needs to go.



Stitch linesLeaving a tail, sew a running stitch along the lines shown in black in the picture, using one length of wool.

Pulled up stitchesPull on both ends of the wool to form the ears and the head. Your bunny will look a bit sad at this stage, so put some toy stuffing into the head to give a good shape and sew it closed at the back.


Sew back closedNext sew the back together down to the bottom edge. Fill the body with toy stuffing, then use a running stitch around the bottom edge and pull up to gather the base closed. Fasten off and sew in any loose ends.

Embroider eyes and noseNow use some black wool to embroider eyes and a nose, then give him a ribbon around his neck. Lastly make a pompom for his tail, or use one of our large white pompoms, sew this on and your rabbit is ready for Easter.



Here’s how our hessian experiment turned out, let us know if you tried anything else!

Hessian bunny

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Beautiful Pure Wool & Free Knitting Patterns

eks-2-2 (2)





What a gorgeous pallette of colour.  The Karisma double knit collection of Drops yarns come in a huge choice of colours and we stock 18 different ones in our Yeovil store.  a beautiful yarn made from 100% wool that is fully machine washable




We also stock 4 ply Delight in great value balls of 100 grams for only £2.80 and with a 75% wool content.  For a really soft project you can now get our 100 % pure Baby Merino wool produced from lambs and we have 19 different colours in stock at the Yeovil shop. Drops also issue free patterns for all of their yarns and they are easy to download from their website see for a free cushion pattern and start a real bargain project this January.











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Knit and Natter Group

The Knit and Natter Group is a fun and friendly group for those who enjoy knitting and crochet, or for those who would simply love to learn how it’s done!


It is held every Wednesday between 10am and 12pm, at our Yeovil shop. The group is for absolutely anyone, whether you have been knitting or crocheting (maybe even both) for years, or whether you would like to begin learning these crafts. Here you can gather together with other crafty people to share tips and ideas, whilst having a good chat and working on your latest knitting or crochet projects. To keep you all knitting and nattering, refreshments; including tea, coffee and biscuits are also provided.

The group only costs £1 and is a walk-in group, so there is no need to book a place, you can just turn up on the day and join in.

This is a great place to learn more about knitting or crochet from the other members and build on your current skills, it is also an opportunity to share your knowledge with others and exchange tips. A few members have started the group as beginners and worked on smaller projects such as clothes or accessories for babies, by doing this and building up the basics, with help from the other members, they are now able to begin larger projects.

At Livingstones Textiles, Yeovil we stock a variety of yarns in many colours and compositions. We also stock needles, crochet hooks and other knitting and crochet supplies, along with many pattern books so there is lots to choose from and lots to inspire you for your next project, however big or small!




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Drops Knitting Yarn Special Offer

Yarn special Drops AlpacaLivingstone Textiles Yeovil have expanded their range of knitting yarns with the wonderful Drops range, including several alpaca yarn blends.

Even better news is that the Drops yarns which include alapaca are all on special offer until the end of December 2017 with an amazing 30% off the already stunning value prices. All the balls of wool in the picture were selected for a highly patterned jumper and cost less than £25 for everything you see here. The yarns which are on offer are the Puna, Nepal and Lima ranges.

Drops supply free patterns to print yourself at home, and you can browse the selection at the Garnstudio website before you visit so you know what to look for and how much you will need. If you need any more information about the Drops yarns or what colours are in stock please telephone on 01935 422631. Don’t miss out on stocking up with these lovely yarns for your winter projects!

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Christmas crochet and knitting projects

With Christmas around the corner we have been busy at our Yeovil store making and gathering together some fun crafty project ideas for you to knit and crochet at home.

Cosy Christmas Bunting

What better way to count down to Christmas than with some wooly festive bunting, this is great fun and will keep your home looking cosy as the weather outside gets colder. This is great for beginners as the pieces are small so you can build up some of your knitting skills, or for the more experienced knitter this is a great way of using up some of the smaller pieces of wool you may have left over from other project.

Crochet Santa

Frozen cushion

Frozen cushion








Knitted tinsel caterpillar

Tinsel caterpillar

All of these makes can be seen in our Yeovil store and the patterns for each of them can also be purchased there, along with loads of other funky ideas for Chrismas decorations and toys. if you are new to knitting and crochet, or would like to work on a project with other crafty people then why not come along to our knit and natter group on a Wednesday morning? More details from Yeovil on 01935 422631.

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Yarns at Yeovil

Yarn unit 3Livingstone Textiles Yeovil Somerset sells a different range of materials to Livingstone Textiles in Bridport Dorset, making both of them worth a visit. One of the items that Yeovil has that Bridport does not stock is knitting wool or Yarn. In their shop, they have a wide range of different types in so many colours and textures and they also stock a wide range of pattern books.

King Cole Drifter


So whether you are an expert knitter, love crochet or are thinking of trying something new, Livingstone Textiles Yeovil is definitely an ideal destination and with its in-house knitting experts, you can be sure of all the help and advice you need to get started with a project.

What are the different types of Yarn or Knitting wool and what does it mean?

You may hear the term “ply” used when talking about knitting wool or yarn, and ply is the weight of the yarn or thickness. It really means strands of thinner yarn have been twisted together to produce that thicker yarn. So for example, 4 ply is where 4 strands of thinner wool have been twisted together to create a thicker or stronger piece. Another term that might be heard is double knit or DK. This is just another way to classify the weight of the wool, double knit is heavier than 4 ply, which again is heavier than 2 ply. Aran wool is another weight of knitting yarn and wool, it is sometimes known as 10 ply and is a great weight for garments like thick winter jumpers and accessories.  It’s traditional to knit elaborate cables and knots into aran garments that add extra warmth and different areas of the UK all have their own unique designs.  This important aspect of our British heritage also served a practical purpose as when a Fisherman was found drowned at sea, they could identify his home fishing village by the patterns knitted into his sweater and return him to his loved ones. Many patterns were spread down from the North by the women who would sit knitting on the quay waiting for the catch to come in.  They would migrate down the East coast with the pilchard fishing and share their regional shapes and patterns with each other before helping land and gut the catch.

What does Livingstone Textiles sell?

IMG_0284We sell a big range of King Cole knitting Yarns in different weights and colours, ranging from 4 ply knitting yarn in a big section of colours, double knitting yarn also in a big range of colours and Aran knitting yarn. We also have some more specialist wools such as cuddle chunky, which is a super soft ideal yarn for teddies and soft toys, we have King Cole Riot which is a gorgeous multi coloured wool which adds a rainbow effect to your knitting and King Cole double knit Drifter yarn which is also a multi colour knitting wool with an unbelievably soft quality..

To complement your King Cole knitting yarn we also sell King Cole knitting patterns. We have 5 whole books of patterns for you to choose from, and these patterns will tell you what type of wool needs to be used to complete the pattern and which stitches. There are also craft books with projects to knit and sew from tiny to large.IMG_0272

And for those of you that are completely new to knitting, we also have a wide range of kntting acessories such as different size needles, counters and clips. And when you need to finish your project, we also have a massive range of buttons and trims for you to choose from.

If you would like any advice on anything metioned in this post please contact us or pop in and see us at our shop and we will be happy to help.