Foam Cut To Size

Upholstery Foam

One of our specialties at Livingstone Textiles is cutting foam to your size and specification.

We supply foam in a variety of grades and thicknesses. From half inch thickness foam for padding to 5 inch foam for sofa cushions and beyond.

Our standard blue upholstery foam is the medium-hard firmness most often required and we hold this in stock in quarter inch to five inch depth. We also have chip foam in some depths – this is a firmer foam sometimes used for seats. There are other grades of foam available to order (as are greater depths and the more complicated shapes). We have samples for you to check for suitability for your application.

Foam is priced by cubic volume, so the cost of any piece of foam depends on the maximum width and length of the piece and also the thickness of the foam. Please contact us if you want us to quote for a particular size.

We can supply kitchen or dining chair pads to match your chair or existing seat pads, and are happy to cut from a paper or cardboard template. Cardboard gives the best results as it holds its shape better. We also cut to templates for window seat foam.

If you need a sofa cushion refill, we can send off your covers to be filled or order foam to your measurements.

If you are travelling any distance and will need foam cut while you wait from our BRIDPORT store, please check in advance that we have what you need in stock and we will check there will be someone available to cut for you. Fridays and Saturdays are our busiest days and at these times you may be asked to return later to collect your foam.  Please note that ALL foam from our YEOVIL shop must be requested in advance.

We can also supply sloped pieces of foam to aid posture and mattress toppers – please let us know your requirements.

If you need your foam cushion covered in stockinette to make it easy to insert into your cushion covers we can arrange this for you for collection (not available on the day you order).

If you need a small piece of foam, why not check out our offcuts? We’re told our foam is fantastic for cleaning windows, and more robust than most sponges you can buy!