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Reopening 16th June at Bridport & Yeovil

Following the alteration to guidance for non-essential shops, we are now reopening on Tuesday 16th June to in person shopping.

As we said, we will have reduced opening hours from 10am till 4pm and closed for lunch from 1-2pm. We will be limiting the number of people allowed in the shop and so you may have to wait outside. Please maintain social distancing while queueing. You will need to use the provided hand sanitiser on entering our stores.

Inside the shops we have divided the space into zones and ask that you don’t go into the same zone with another household. If you need to get by and someone is in the zone you need to enter, please ask them to let you through, there are spaces where people can get out of the way.

As some of our staff members have vulnerable family members, we are especially grateful to all our customers who choose to wear a mask to shop with us. We also ask you to keep to 2 members of one household maximum. We know it’s really difficult to keep control of children in our shop, so we would prefer if you can shop without them, though we know that’s not always possible. We have had to put away the toys and sample baskets because of risk of infection.

We will look forward to seeing you from the 16th onwards and hope you will bear with us if you have to wait a little longer than usual.

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