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Face Mask Towelling

We are keeping a close eye on government guidance and look forward to being able to open our stores in a socially distanced manner in the not too distant future. In the meantime as the guidance has changed to support using face masks, we have found a product in our stores that is very suitable for making masks, white stretch cotton towelling. We have now made this available to buy on our website (see below) and you can have it sent out to you or collect from our Bridport store if you live in the local area.

We are working to get our full webshop up and running this week so you should be able to shop for more items by the weekend, initially by post or collection from Bridport. We will be posting out 2 to 3 times per week, and will keep you all updated on social media. We are hoping to have elastic available to buy online shortly.

If you need any advice on how to make a mask, there are lots of suggestions online, including on the government website and the BBC. A good way to test if the fabric you are using will help prevent you spreading the virus to others through droplets is to hold up your chosen fabric in front of a mirror (using 2 layers if that is the kind of mask you are making) and spray with water. If the water droplets make it through to the mirror this is not a suitable fabric to use as it is not preventing the spread, and you may need a more closely woven fabric. See this explanation from Georgia Tech! Our towelling passed this test, we are pleased to say, though of course it is not going to make a medical grade mask.

This towelling does not fray so is suitable to use for all mask methods shown as made from t shirts or socks! A metre of fabric will make lots of masks as this fabric is very wide (185cm).

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2 thoughts on “Face Mask Towelling

  1. I have some of your towelling and I was wondering it could be used for face masks. Are you suggesting as a middle layer between the outer cotton layer and inside cotton layer? Or against the face?

    1. Hi Bev, the towelling is fine to use against the face for the mask, and comfortable.

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