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Scrubs Appeal

While we are not able to trade, and are staying home to keep everyone safe, we certainly haven’t been idle! Individual staff members have been sewing scrubs as part of various local groups for Dorchester, Bridport & Yeovil hospitals, and we have been cutting out supplies of fabric at the Bridport shop with strict social distancing! This is all keeping us very busy at the moment, so we are asking that if you have needs for supplies for sewing for the NHS only, you co-ordinate with groups in your area to reduce enquiries about availability.

Our local MP in Bridport, Chris Loder, has a section on his website dedicated to this (update – they now have sufficient volunteers and have closed to new requests) and the West Dorset Scrubbers group is working closely with him and his office. You can also find various groups in the area on Facebook through your local noticeboard. Please note our phones will be turned off over the Easter weekend as we concentrate on sewing. Please everyone take care to stay home wherever possible and stay safe! We will let you know when normal ordering can resume, so follow us on Facebook to keep in touch.

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