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Vintage Spring Roses

Ceiling to floor length curtains made with delicate vintage roses fabric have been finished with a 6″ deep pleat heading tape in order to balance a large room. When choosing a curtain heading it is important to consider the overall effect combined with the curtain drop size and a standard 3″ heading tape is usually okay. In a large room with big windows you can opt for a bigger print and a deeper heading because the curtains will look elegant and in proportion to the room size. The fabric that the customer has chosen for us to make into their curtains is available to order through the shop.

It falls in soft pleats from the tape and works well with a cotton lining, however if you wish to see the print with the curtains closed during during daylight hours, you would need to choose a blackout lining. If you find a fabric that you like but are unsure as to how to go about calculating how much you will need for your project you can contact us for further help and assistance and a Real Conversation with one of the team, just make sure to send us your phone number in any message you send and we will get back to you.

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