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The Bridport Fashion Revolution

Bridport Fashion Revolution

Bridport normally runs a Green Fortnight at this time of year but 2020 brings us something different. This year sees the town hosting Bridport’s Fashion Revolution from the 13th of February onwards and here at Livingstone Textiles we are going to be sharing helpful tips to get you going with Green Fashion.

Fashion is a massive and a dirty industry but we can all change our habits and living in or near Bridport gives us a distinct advantage. This is because there have always been abundant independent businesses that we can choose to shop at. Most items of clothing are bought new and worn on average ten times before they are discarded but there is hope that if we choose to shop differently, we can all reduce the contributing factors to our warming planet.

If you can afford to buy good quality clothing and less often from shops like the lovely Smith & Smith outfitters in Bridport then you are investing in classic timeless pieces that you will hold on to, simply because they cost a lot more than the throwaway fashion found in High Street chains. But what if you simply can’t afford to spend that kind of money on a garment but you want a classic item of clothing that will last many years? Well we have an answer, equip yourself with sewing or needlework skills and you need never buy any clothes again! Many more people than ever before are teaching themselves to sew, both men and women and it’s an exciting time. With a huge range of dress fabrics to choose from at both our Bridport and Yeovil shops, you can knock up a waistcoat in an afternoon and have the satisfaction that because you chose the fabric and the pattern, no one else will be wearing the same thing. And of course you can fully answer the question “who made my clothes?” The clothing patterns that are now available are modern and really easy to follow, our pattern books look like home shopping catalogues now and our knitting patterns are just gorgeous. We run courses in our Yeovil shop to help get you going and all of the staff at both shops are enthusiatic makers that will be happy to offer you advise. We love seeing your finished pojects too so be ready to come in and show them off to us, whether it’s knickers or knitwear. By making your own clothes you are actively stopping workers toiling in sweatshops, in unsafe conditions snd for poor wages. And although not all of our cloth is produced sustainably yet, we are actively aware of the need to source more fabrics that don’t have a negative impact on the environment. You can find some of our sustainable fabrics here & here and you can read more about our efforts to reduce waste here.

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