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New Nets for Old

If you’re a bit fed up of looking at the same net curtains that have been up for a few years, it might be time to renew them. We’ve got a great collection in our online shop and a post that explains how to measure for nets.

Here at Livingstone Textiles we’re thinking about ways of re-using things after they’ve outlived their original purpose and we came across a few ideas online. A brilliant new Community run SwapShop has opened in Sherborne called The Honesty Jar where you can leave things that are no longer useful and swap them for something else if you want to, or not, it’s up to you.

Another great thing to do with old nets is to give them a good hot wash and then turn them into simple mesh bags with a drawstring ribbon top and use them for storing onions, potatoes or other veg that needs to have air around it to stay fresh, so much better than sweaty plastic in the fridge too. Follow these easy instructions to upcycle your old net curtains. You can do this by following our simple how to guide below.

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