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Green Ideas – Sample Hangers

As part of Bridports Fashion Revolution we are bringing you some handy tips to help you re-use, recycle, mend or transform your clothing and accessories.

Every year some of our fabrics are discontinued by the suppliers and this means that the hangers we hold for them are no longer of any use to order from. Some of you will probably know that we sell off these hangers when this happens for anywhere between five and ten pounds. They are a real bargain because as well as all of the smaller samples on the hanger, you will also get a large piece of fabric at the back as well, usually a metre or more squared.

Whilst these are a great way of recycling unwanted fabric that might end up in landfill, we know that some of you get frustrated by the amount of glue on the tops of the samples that hold all of them together and it’s not exactly sustainable to cut half of it off and chuck it in the bin. One way of removing the glue is to spritz the backing paper with water and then iron it briefly. This is usually enough to melt the glue but if you still have a residue and some paper stuck on then soak the sample in warm soapy water and it will eventually just float off. Remember to change the water for warm again once it cools down though as heat is the key here. Some of our customers also recommend warming the glue up with a hairdryer and carefully peeling it off. Let us know on our Facebook page if you have any other tips to share and we’ll pass them on, meanwhile come in and grab a bargain because we’ve lots of hangers up for grabs.

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