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How to Make a Tube Scarf with Pompoms

We wrote a little while ago about our new amazing rainbow cuddle fur, and thought about creating a scarf from it. Because this fabric is one sided, you can’t just cut a strip of fabric as you don’t want the back to show. So here is how to make your own scarf using the tube method, and to go one better you can put a pompom on the end.

Cut a strip of fabric across the width and about 25 – 30cm wide. Fold in half right sides together and sew along the edges with a sewing machine or overlocker (the edges will probably not fray, but check your fabric to be sure). If you don’t want pompoms sew across one end of the fabric.

You now have a tube of wrong way out fabric.

Turn the tube right side out. If you are not adding pompoms sew the open end of your scarf closed and you are finished.

To add pompoms, take a running stitch all the way around your tube about 10 – 15 cms from one end. Pull up the running stitch to gather the fabric and fasten off.

Stuff the open end of your scarf with hollowfibre toy stuffing.

Take a second running stitch all around the open end near the edge of the fabric. Pull up again, tucking in the edges of the fabric as you go, then fasten off. Repeat for the second pompom at the other end of the scarf.

You now have an amazing statement scarf with oversize pompoms!

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