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You may be pulling out some of last years winter clothes and finding them in want of a few repairs or alterations before they are ready to wear again. Instead of taking them to the charity shop and investing in new clothes, you could save yourself some money by getting handy with a needle & thread and fixing them. You’ve maybe lost a few pounds over the summer and need to do some adjustments in order to make a waistband fit snugly again, or as in the pictures below, the bar from a hook and bar fastening set up has just sheered off the trousers. A simple repair can be made by purchasing a Trouser Hook and Bar kit from our Haberdashery department and along with a needle and thread, the trousers are wearable again in a matter of minutes. This same set can be used when making new garments as well and is a lot easier to do than making button holes, plus it has the advantage of being invisible once fastened.

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