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Choosing The Correct Linings for Curtains and Blinds

At Livingstone Textiles we are proud to offer you a great selection of Curtain Linings and Interlinings.  Older buildings in West Dorset and rural Somerset often have traditional stone or wooden windows that are incredibly draughty.  For heritage reasons these properties may not have the option of double glazing or plastic windows so Thermal Lining can be a very practical solution to draughts and cold spots.

We stock a wide range of curtain linings and curtain interlinings (also known as curtain bump) to suit your specific requirements when choosing new curtains or blinds for your home.  Curtain linings are used to prolong the life of the more expensive show fabric and offer protection from the sun and other elements that could otherwise cause deterioration of the cloth.  They also enable more of the pattern and colour to be seen inside the room when light is on the otherside, ie; daylight, sunlight and streetlight as these will be shining straight through your fabric.

Choosing a Lining

Blackout lining for curtains

This is our popular blackout curtain lining and it is always available in cream.  Blackout lining is primarily used to create a darker room and so is helpful when streetlights, early daylight or shiftwork are an issue.  It is a 3-pass tested lining meaning total light exclusion through curtain fabric.  Blackout lining has the added benefit of having thermal qualities so is the choice to make if you have draughty windows as well as light problems. This lining is also suitable for roman blinds and gives a very good result. Blackout lining can also be used as an interlining where it can be taken right to the very edges of the curtain or roman blind and allowing even less light to enter around the edges of the fabric.
Fabric width – 54″/137cm
Fabric composition – 50% Cotton 50% Polyester with Acrylic Coating

Thermal lining

Our thermal curtain lining is also a cream colour. This curtain lining has been backed with a special thermal coating that will help block draughts from the window entering the room and so helping to keep heating costs down in buildings where replacement windows are not an option. It is a 1-pass tested lining which means thermal protection but not light exclusion however the density will offer protection to the fabric from the sun.
Fabric width – 54″/137cm
Fabric composition – 50% Cotton 50% Polyester with Acrylic Coating

Cotton curtain lining

This is our best quality and most popular lining for curtains.  It is made from 100% pure cotton and comes in 3 colours – white, ivory (cream) and stone. This curtain lining provides protection from the sun (Solprufe treated) and gives a luxury finish for curtains as it helps the fabric to look more full and to drape at its best. This is the standard lining our curtain makers use for our made to measure curtain service which you can read more about here.

Also suitable for roman blinds.
Fabric width – 54″/137cm
Fabric composition – 100% Cotton

Polyester/Cotton curtain lining

This is our polycotton curtain lining and is available in cream only.  It is our most economical curtain lining and the off-white shade compliments all of the fabrics that we stock.   It gives a good soft drape and is particularly well suited to lighter weight curtain fabrics, is robust enough for romann blinds and is particularly resistant to fading from the sun and mildew in damp areas due to its polyester content.
Fabric width – 54″/137cm
Fabric composition – 30% Cotton 70% Polyester

Heavyweight Curtain Interlining

This is our heavier weight interlining and is also known as curtain bump.  At 270gsm it is cotton rich and comes in its natural unbleached colour. Used to add warmth, weight and a luxury feel to your curtains and blinds.

Fabric width – 54″/137cm
Fabric composition 76% Cotton 21% Viscose 3% Polyamide

Also available in pure cotton

Lightweight Curtain Interlining

This is our lighter weight of interlining (also known as curtain bump) – 160gsm – polyester/viscose in a white colour. Used to add warmth, weight and a sumptous feel to your curtains..
Fabric width – 54″/137cm
Fabric composition 64% Polyester 36% Viscose

Also available in pure cotton

Coloured linings and accessories

We also stock coloured curtain lining in a range of colours and lining tape for making loose curtain linings.  Please contact us for further details and prices or order directly from our website

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