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Yes, We Sell Comfortable Thimbles!

Traditional metal thimbles are useful,but not terribly comfortable and prone to falling off at inconvenient moments. If you like using them,don’t worry, we still stock them, but we now also sell these lovely things by Prym, an award winning ergonomic design combining protection with high wearing comfort.

Prym says: Solving the age old problem of the thimble slipping of the finger during sewing, this ‘Soft Comfort’ Ergonomic Thimble from Prym is innovative and ultra useful. The shaft of soft plastic offers impeccable comfort in sizes S, M and L. There are four side vents to prevent sweating when stitching for longer periods. The top of the “Soft Comfort” thimble is made of hard white plastic with dot shaped notches to ensure perfect needle guidance even with heavier fabrics and when sewing multiple layers.

We have them in three sizes which are in three hard-to-lose colours – orange (small) pink (medium) and green (large). At just £4.60 each, one of these will be the perfect fit for your sewing kit!

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