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Eyelet Curtains

Did you know that we make high quality professional eyelet curtains with pressed rings? This superior method uses an industrial press, which ensures that all of the fabric layers are sealed together in the heading. This method means the eyelets are an integral part of the curtain making them much stronger.

What are the benefits of eyelets? Having eyelets that are pressed into the fabric not only makes the finished curtain more robust, but also means they are also smooth and easy to slide when opening and closing your curtains. They give a great modern finish and there is no need for curtain hooks and rings for you pole!

With our eyelet curtain make up service, you can choose from a range of colours for the eyelets, so you can have the finished look you desire. Why not come and have a look at our range? We can give you a free no obligation quote and talk you through the options we offer.

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