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Rain Mac and Tent Repair Patches

Although it is summer and we are in June the weather is never guaranteed, meaning that rain mac is still important and if you’re planning on camping out so it that tent. Any rips and tears are always a pain but we have the solution!

These patches are great for feather jackets with holes, rain macs, tents, awninigs, bags and much more.

This repair patch can simply be stuck onto the fabric or for tougher fabric that won’t melt it can be ironed on, making it great for most repairs and can make a neat and quick fix, without even gettting the sewing machine out.

It comes in a range of colours so you can choose the one that will blend in the most. If you can’t quite find the colour that will blend in it can be cut out into any shape you like so you could even have a feature flower shaped repair patch (or any other shape you can make).

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