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Fiver Fest in Bridport 8-15 June

Livingstone Textiles is happy to be joining in with local businesses in Bridport and in other towns in the UK for the first national Fiver Fest.

Fiver Fest is the brainchild of Totally Locally, a grassroots movement promoting local sustainability. It’s being organised in Bridport by the good people at Waste Not Want Not who’ve now got many other local businesses in Bridport involved too, including us! This is the first year that it is being run nationally and the idea behind it is, if every adult spent just £5 a week in local businesses instead of in supermarkets or online, this would equate to £13.5 Billion pounds anually going back into the UK economy, helping all of us and our communities. In Bridport this would equate to £4.6 million pounds going back into our local community.

For Fiver Fest week, to encourage people to shop locally, small businesses across the UK are putting on some fabulous deals for you to buy for just a fiver; here at Livingstone Textiles Bridport we have these gorgeous sewing scissors (we all love them!) available in a rainbow metal finish or matt brass at the special Fiver Fest price.

Fiver Fest is only on from the 8th to the 15th June 2019 so get involved – lets look after our community and keep our money local.

To find out more about the ideas behind it, visit the Totally Locally website.

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