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Books on Sale !!

The Search Press Sale is still on and is running throughout June. This sale gets you 20% off of the RRP of your chosen Search Press book. Here are a few of the books we have on offer here at Livingstone Textiles.

Here is the A-Z range of books, these books are all Search Press classic books and are great for beginners or more experienced sewers. These books are a must have, go-to guide on their topics! The titles include: A-Z of Quilting, A-Z of Sewing, A-Z of Heirloom sewing and A-Z of Smocking. With each title containing hundreds of step by step instructions with accompanying photos to match, this makes following them simple and easy for the beginner and also the more experienced sewer.

Alongside the A-Z range, we have the Absolute Beginner range, these are perfect if you are just getting started on learning a new skill or if you know someone else that is, these would make a great gift! These books start by explaining the basics of the topic and the equipment you need and what it all does. It then goes through to give you small projects to do these are all written out clearly with step by step instructions with detailed photos to teach you the basic skills you need while doing a handy project at the same time!

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