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Website and Webshop – Work In Progress

Livingstone Textiles webshop is being redesigned!!

We are currently having work carried out on our webshop and website to freshen it up, make it more user-friendly and get it more up to date with our newer stock. This is very exciting for us as we will soon be able to have all the fabulous fabrics we stock on the webshop for everyone to see and purchase from far and wide! This will take some time to get everything on there in the way we would like, as there is a lot of fabric to process, however, once we’ve got it all set up it should all fall smoothly into place.

We have got most of the framework up and running and some of the fabrics have made their way across already but there are many more to go, so watch this space!! Why not take a peek at our new look here and see the transformation?



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