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Make do and mend

At Livingstone Textiles, we support the thrifty sewer (and the not so able) with lots of products to help you mend your clothes and other items – everything from replacing elastic to repairing furniture.

There are many reasons why clothes can suffer, from moths to sheer wear and tear, but there is no need to throw out your favourite item. For jumpers, the answer is often good old-fashioned darning.

Prym darning mushroomWe have these lovely darning mushrooms from Prym. They come in two pieces, making them easy to store, and we just love the fun design with a spotty red top. Of course you will also need the mending wool, and we supply a wide range of colours.Prym darning mushroom






If it is the elbows that have worn through on your garment, darning may not be enough to save it. In this instance we can supply a range of suedette elbow patches, which you can iron to position on your garment and then sew to secure.

Repair patches and tape

A tear in a garment can be really frustrating, especially if it is fairly new. In this case you can either cover the tear with a fun motif, or if you would prefer a less obvious repair you can use our iron on repair tape. This is used on the reverse of the garment with a toning colour so it is less likely to be seen. Again, a range of colours are available. Nylon repair patchesWhere ironing on is not practical, eg with nylon raincoats, we also have adhesive patches which can be cut to size and placed over the tear.

On the furniture side we have a large selection of items for repairing upholstery. These include linen thread, waxed cotton thread, mattress twine and upholstery repair needles. Linen threadWe also supply both hessian and herringbone webbing, and elastic ‘Pirelli’ webbing. We also have everything you could possibly need if you are reupholstering an item, including a selection of different types of wadding, and of course a huge range of upholstery fabric on the roll.

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