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Advent calendar kits

We have collected up all the ingredients you need to make one of our advent calendars in one easy kit.

Our advent calendar kits include the materials and instructions you will need to sew your own advent calendar all you need to add is the thread. These kits come in a choice of two colours and will add that extra festive touch to your home in the countdown to Christmas.

The cheerful festive design and the good-sized pockets make them both pretty and practical, so you can choose from a variety of things to stock them up with for a surprise each day.

The advent calendars can also be purchased as just the panel of fabric with the advent calendar design on if instead, you would like to add all of your own personal touches to the finished calendar.

Hurry into Livingstone Textiles Bridport or Livingstone Textiles Yeovil to get yours before the countdown to Christmas begins!


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