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Happy 1st Birthday Livingstone Textiles Yeovil

Birthday 2Today we are celebrating a wonderful milestone for our Yeovil store. Although they are ‘the new kid on the block’ as far as Livingstone Textiles is concerned, the people of Yeovil have welcomed them into the sewing and home-making community and their first birthday sees them well established supplying wonderful fabrics and curtains to Yeovil and Somerset.

A year ago we saw the end of a very busy time moving stock from Bridport to Yeovil, getting the empty building Birthday 5(previously the Town Museum and then the Scrapstore) ready for occupation, and making everything pretty. Here is a picture from when we were just starting to put stock in place. Since then we have found out what works for Yeovil and the kinds of fabrics, projects and home furnishings you like us to have for our customers – everything from craft books and fabric to Jim Dickens, iLiv and Sanderson fabrics for the home.

You can see below how different the shop is looking now, with sewing machines and knitting yarn as well as all the fabric, and workshops on Saturdays. Why not call in to the Yeovil shop at Manor Stables, Hendford BA20 1UN, opposite the Octagon Theatre to say Happy Birthday.

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