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Pretty Floral Fabrics Display

Floral fabricsWe have a beautiful new display in our Bridport store, showing off some of our wide selection of lovely floral curtain fabric.

These floral curtain fabrics are also suitable for roman blinds, cushions and craft projects.

In this display our choices range from natural backgrounds through duck egg blue to ultra modern soft grey, and the flowers are shades of pink, red and white. We have many other colour schemes available in store and from our wide range of sample hangers if these colours do not suit your room. We are always happy to cut you samples of stock fabric, and we loan out our sample hangers with a cash deposit, so you can always check colours in your room with both natural and artificial light.

For the month of September 2017, don’t forget that all these fabrics are available with free lining, and they can all be made up into high quality hand finished curtains to your measurements, so you can have a taste of spring in your home all year round.

Why not call into our stores in Bridport or Yeovil to see more of what we have on offer? Alternatively email us to request a sample of any of these fabrics or more information.

Details of the fabrics shown above are as follows (from top to bottom):

  1. 100% Cotton –  140cm wide – £14.85/mtr
  2. 80% Cotton/20% Polyester – 140cm wide – £12.00/mtr
  3. 80% Cotton/20% Polyester – 140cm wide – £12.50/mtr
  4. Linen blend – 127cm wide – £23.90/mtr
  5. 100% Cotton – 140cm wide – £20.85/mtr
  6. 100% Cotton – 137cm wide – £19.50/mtr
  7. 100% Cotton – 140cm wide – £12.50/mtr
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