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Bridports Powder Colour Run 2017

Last years colour run went so well that the organisers have decided to do it again this weekend.  On August 5th 2017, would you like to get covered from head to toe in a variety of colours at various points of a course?  You dont even have to run, you can walk run, skip, jump, move however you like, just have a bit of fun.  Colour runs are part of a Festival culture in India and they have become very popular in the UK as a way of raising money for charity. The great thing with a colour run is that the money raised is all for local charities, charities that normally don’t have large scale donations. So not only will you havea great time taking part and receive a really cool medal but you can help local good causes as well.

This is a great community event for everyone to enjoy. Colour run information.

This great local event made us all at Livingtone Textiles think of colours and how colourful some of our fabrics are and how colourful our shop is. From colourful ribbons, and buttons to colourful upholstery and dress fabrics, we have loads of colour,   why not make something colourful to support the runners in the colour run?   Maybe in some bunting or a flag something to welcome them back in wit, or even a fun coloured garment, dress or waist coat.  You can dress in something outrageously bright fun show your support?

If you go to the powder colour run this year and dress up in some of our funky rainbow fabrics or if you happen to make a flag or some bunting to welcome in one of your pals taking part, we would love to see it.  You can send us an email with a picture attached and some infomation on what you have achieved. We would really love to share it on here with the Livingstones Community or on our facebook page.

If you would like any more informtion on the fabrics and habberdashery you have seen on our webpage please contact us and we will be happy to asist you with more informtion.

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