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Prym Tailors Chalk Cartridge Set

DSC_5624It’s amazing when a company comes up with an idea that is so simple yet will make a job so much easier, that is exactly what Prym have done with this new tailors chalk cartridge set. Dressmaking can be a really fun and relaxing thing to do and very rewarding but sometimes when you have to make a mark where a dart has to go and the tailor’s chalk DSC_5629won’t mark or your just not getting a sharp enough point, then dressmaking can become even more stressful. Pryms new tool can really help, giving you the ability to make really fine marks on your fabric, which should make dressmaking so much easier.

This set includes a cartridge holder, a pencil sharpener, and a set of 8 white replacement chalks and 8 coloured replacement chalks. This is a really great buy!

This is only available to purchase on at our shop in Bridport Dorset.

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