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Pattern Hacking


Livingstone Textiles are up to date with this season’s fashions with the new summer edition of the New Look and Simplicity pattern books. At both our shops in Bridport Dorset and Yeovil Somerset we try to stock all the patterns that are listed in the books and if we don’t have them available we can easily order them in for you.

These books have hundreds of different patterns for all occasions for both children and adults, male and female, all in a wide range of sizes. The great thing about making your own clothes is you can tailor them to you and your size, so if your waist is a different dress size to your bust you don’t have to compromise you can tailor the pattern to you. A great way to do this is with Simplicity new pattern range that helps you to pattern hack giving you the confidence to change other patterns. Watch the short video below to learn more about pattern hacking.

With the new Simplicity pattern book, you can tailor your outfits to you with the range of patterns designed for pattern hacking. Each hacking pattern comes with multiple pattern pieces for design hacking and extra paper to help you. Simplicity’s pattern hack collection is designed to put the creativity in your hands. Starting from basic shapes using these patterns and instructions to sew unique pieces and build your perfect wardrobe. We present several options but challenge your creativity to look for other unique ways to hack the patterns. See how far you can take it.  Also, see other patterns in the range to hack – 8375 knit dress, 8376 knit top, and 8377 knit cardigan.

All of these patterns are available at both our Yeovil Somerset store and our Bridport Dorset store. If you require any more information please contact us and we will be happy to help. If you are hacking one of the regular Simplicity sewing patterns and need more paper to avoid cutting into your pattern pieces, we sell dot and cross pattern paper by the metre.

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