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Bridport Rope

DSC_5582 (Medium) (2)Bridport has a long history with rope and net, it’s been made here for centuries, with the first official mention in 1211 when King John ordered for as many ropes and cables that could possibly be made for his ships, while fearing for a French invasion.

Since then throughout the centuries Bridport has continued to make rope and nets for a number of different reasons from fishing nets to nets for the navy and even football nets for national games. The most notorious rope that was made in Bridport was the Bridport Dagger a name given to the hangmans noose which rope was from Bridport. This provided a massive trade for Bridport in the Elizabethian era as every victim was buried with his noose.

Bridport’s strong history with rope and net making still stays with us today with many street names having a relationship with the history and with many streets that were made wider for the rope making in the past still being wider now.

Livingstone Textiles in Bridport shop space is an old rope factory, so while looking around our beautiful fabrics it is possible to feel the history that is within our walls, this gives us a great relationship to the history within the town and a greater connection to the history.

Due to this connection, we stock a wider range of ropes at a competitive price;DSC_5584 (Medium) (2)

8mm Polyester Hemp Rope – £0.89p per metre
12mm Jute rope- £1.47 per metre
16mm Polyester Hemp Rope- £2.75 per metre

If these sizes aren’t quite right for you, ask a member of staff as we might be able to order in rope of a different size. Also available to order is metal rope brackets and hooks for making rope rails a perfect addition to a small set of stairs.


Information on Bridport’s rope heritage is available at Bridport museum, for more information on rope at Livingstone Textiles please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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2 thoughts on “Bridport Rope

  1. Hi I’m looking for some rope thicker than 12 mm please
    Thank you
    Helen Freeman

    1. Hi Helen, we sell a 24mm diameter poly-hemp rope, this is curently the only one in stock that is thicker than 12mm. Please let us know if you would like any more details.

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