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What is… flame proofing?

What is flameproofing?

Flameproofed, fire retarded, fireproofed, these are common words that you might hear when looking at different fabrics, but what does it mean? It is a process used for treating both natural and synthetic materials and fabrics so they are flame resistant. This is not to say that they will not catch on fire as fire is such a massive force of nature, however, having the fabric treated will slow the effect of the fire.

How is flameproofing achieved?

At Livingstone Textiles there are two ways you can have your materials flame proofed, the first way is to have the materials treated at the manufacturers, this has to be decided at the ordering stage, and the materials are then treated before being made into the product of your choice. This way you know the material has been completely treated to a manufacturers standard. The alternative way to this is to treat the fabric yourself, Livingstone Textiles can supply a fire retarding treatment, which involves spraying the completed project or fabric with a fire retarding liquid. This is not a service we offer it is something the customer has to do.

What and where needs to be flameproofed?

Items such as sofas, curtains, beds, furniture, cushions can be treated and as stated above can really help to reduce the risk of a fire spreading if one was to happen. Within the home curtains and soft furnishings is not something that is a legal requirement to be treated, however, if these items are treated the risk of a fire spreading if one was to happen in your home would be reduced. Within public areas, such as hospitals, care homes, bar, night clubs and many more places, it is a legal requirement to have soft furnishings treated. If you are thinking of having something treated for fire proofing please check with your own legal requirements first.





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